Wednesday, August 24, 2016

An Author's Day in the Life: Dog Surgery, Quakes, Eulogy

By Cal Orey
Today was surreal. I feel like I was on a roller coaster from 7 AM to 11: 21 PM.  Let me count the twists and turns... 

In the morning my beloved Aussie, 3 1/2 was whisked off to the vet for a dental check. I chose Plan B (a dental scale on one back molar, mild sedative)... Plan C upstaged my wish. Skyler got his second (first when neutered before 1 yrs. old) dental scaling and one extraction. So, pup survives and now has 41 teeth. (This saddens me because I was with him when he lost his baby teeth.) But I'm happy that it was taken care of, passed the pre-surgery tests and is home asleep...

Cat...Zen taken in for a dental check. Holding his own and doing okay for a middle-aged Siamese-mix with a predisposition for gingivitis. No surgery. Cat sleeps. I sit here still pondering the day's challenges.

My right arm heals from straining a muscle when the dog walker had a stare down with Skye and I tried to get everything under control. Day 10 and almost back to normal. My arm. Note to dog walkers: Do not play the stare-down game with a pooch.

Moving on to the call from a producer from Coast to Coast AM... I was the News Segment Guest... An impromptu eulogy one month after geologist Jim Berkland's passing. Ironically, today is the day of a catastrophic earthquake that happened in the man's primary seismic window, 7 days after the Full Moon. Yes, even on the other side his theories work and he is the man. Bless the people who are challenged by the devastating earthquake. Oddly, one month ago I purchased a wall divider of Rome...

And in The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes notes of a potential major Rome quake in 2015-2016...and the book was written a decade ago. 

What's more, I made a forecast for my 2016 predictions that Anchorage, AK would be hit by a major plus quake in 2016...and yet I am booked for a book signing in AK next month. What are the odds? It's time to sleep... The pup and kitty have the right idea.

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