Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Major Italy Quake Hit in Geologist's Seismic Window

Cal Orey

Update: August 24, 2016 a major catastrophic global earthquake hit near Rome, in central Italy--greatly affecting the ancient town of Amatrice-- early in the morning. This earthquake happened 7 days after the Full Moon on August 18 (in the late geologist Jim Berkland's primary seismic window).

Geologist's Theories Validated Days Before Death

Days before the unconventional American scientist's passing, national news headlines read:

"Some earthquakes on San Andreas fault are triggered by gravitational tug of of sun and moon" -- In a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences researchers claimed there is a link to the moon/sun/tides and earthquakes, including the San Andreas Fault Zone. 

This theory is exactly what Jim Berkland, the "maverick geologist" (who predicted the SF quake that hit near the SAF on October 17, 1989 ) had been saying for decades... He was right, after all. He made a difference. His theories are immortalized.

After dozens of attempts with the "editors"  on wikipedia my words updating his theories remain on the website. 
He was like a surrogate father to me: a man who loved nature, swimming, dogs, and traveling on book tours.
I miss him... and will not forget our last conversation. I knew I was losing my dear friend... For more than three decades we bonded through articles and a book I wrote about him. The time was fading as the man's time left on Earth. And I cried.


  1. Beautifully said Cal. I'm still grieving. It's going to take some time. Hundreds of people have contacted me to say they will help keep his work alive. That's our gift back to him. Thank you Cal for being a huge advocate and friend to JOB. ESS, Kim

  2. Yes, Kim. Antonio...a friend of Jim's didn't know. Had to be the messenger today. Very sad. But on C2C his "biographer" keeps it paying forward.