Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snowy Sierra Surprise(s) for Author

The way it was
By Cal Orey

Unless you are from another planet it's no news that the West Coast is in its third year of a megadrought. But yesterday California sierras did get some snow and is said to have brought smiles to both locals and tourists. Some ski resorts got more powder than others; Lake level not so much. Read: I most likely will not have to shovel or turn on the ice dam heating device. In other words, it's like April years ago.
Like April snow showers,
 pushed the shovel once
on deck

March 1... Despite the snow showers it feels like Spring. In spring cleaning mode. Got light blue place mats, new rug runners, and a cozy throw for the couch. I sense it's hump month like Wednesday. It's too cold to open the windows but too tempting not to cuddle up in the big chill.

I'm nestled amid my two canine companions and one affectionate cat on the warm waterbed (a 21st century style sanctuary where I can work and play) shrouded with comforters--one favorite from Roseville, a place where Bed and Bath exists. It's the only place I know that carries plush bedding (the comforters that are fluffy). I treated myself to one on November 15, after the Barnes and Noble bookstore signing. And, come April 4, the day before Easter, I'm sure something else will surprise me and come home to the sierras where it will most likely not be snowing.

SWEET SUNDAY SPAWNS TRAVEL IMAGES... As a Catholic this day has always been a day of rest and relaxation for me. As I look ahead I see that my days are getting filled up with travel plans I've dished about for months: Washington, British Columbia, Nevada, Utah, Sacramento, Arizona, and Southern California. Each location is linked to book signings, book research, and making connections to make my new books come alive with new info and stories, page by page.
But I will not lie. There will be some non-work thrills squished in, including a visit to Pike's Place (I enjoyed it after the 2006 Seattle Barnes and Noble book signing for the earthquake book), hotel rooms with views, swimming/hot tubbing indoors/outdoors, visiting the fish at Vancouver Aquarium, and walking barefoot on the sand at Long Beach.
Vancouver Aquarium

March marks the month
to Seattle/BC

PRE-SPRING AT TAHOE... Living life for the moment is what I aspire to do but as a multi-tasker triple Air Sun Sign it's a task to just be here now.  I am savoring my fur kids, snow images from each window of this Old Tahoe cabin, anticipation of the fire I'll make later after the boys get their walk at the campground. 
One year ago  late fall

Making a fire takes effort but usually is worth it
Plus, in this type of semi-wintry weather I'll bake apple scones, and something fresh, hot and healthy like spinach pasta for dinner. While it's cozy now the thought of swimming tomorrow morning with less people is on Monday's agenda for energy and staying balanced.
As I look around me, more feng shui in each room, layered lighting, lighter colors, soft spring colored throws, pillows, all will make it fit for next week when we set the clocks ahead and gain an extra hour of light to do more than less. Yes, the fresh snow today is a nice surprise--a prelude to spring--and I'm enjoying it.

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