Thursday, March 12, 2015

Author Prepares for PNW Trip

By Cal Orey

Shortly, I'll be packing my bag(s) (traveling light), and departing for Washington and B.C. I've passed the challenges this time around and am almost on my way. Haven't had the heart to tell my fur boys I'm leaving but I know they'll be in good hands. 
Bellevue Barnes and  Noble Book Signing for
Healing Powers Series
Excitement is growing as my plans are beginning to come together, from the book signing at Barnes and Noble at Bellevue to the places I'll be visiting in Canada. Out in the field hands on book research plays a big role--and I did land the big fish(es)--this is superb. Still keeping it a secret because my newly assigned superfood book for the Healing Powers Series is special to me. I will unveil sooner than later. Hint: It's "big" in Vancouver and has played a big part in my life for decades.

SWIMMING... Yesterday having the pool to myself and at a perfect temperature was simply bliss. But it isn't always like that. Yes, I plan to swim--indoors and outdoors--at hotels in both Washington and Vancouver. It's part of the trip that'll make me smile.  Looking at the different sites is thrilling (must have been a fish in a previous lifetime). Views of the cities will be a change from living amid towering pine trees at Lake Tahoe. It's not that I don't like living in the mountains but visiting different places, including Canada makes me feel alive and alert. I guess you can take the city girl out of the city but it doesn't go away--my link to San Francisco, my home.

COFFEE, CHOCOLATE... Also looking forward to different coffees and chocolate since the PNW is touted for such superfoods. The surprise book offers the surprise superfood which I'll be taking notes on and savoring but also enjoying the foods it will be paired with, including scones, warm baguettes, fresh fruit and more.
A few times, it will be early morning wake-up calls (i.e., crossing the border to flying home), and coffee and French pastries will be my best friends. Of course, I'm used to sipping a cup of joe every morning while I cuddle up to my companion animal trio. And I admit homesickness for these furry friends bothered me in Quebec as they will in British Columbia. But I sense they want me to be happy and I will be certain their needs will be met: Extra walks, toys, brushing, TV, and other animal pleasures. Note to self: Doggie bed for Simon...extra food.

ON THE HOMEFRONT... a box (actually more than one) of the surprise superfood is en route to me as I write. This is something that'll keep me busy through spring-summer. I'll be tasting, cooking, and baking with it. After coming home from a trip I love to have things lined up to look forward to. This time it will be working on VINEGAR, 3rd edition and the SURPRISE SUPERFOOD book. 

...ON THE ROAD AGAIN... Not to forget another Barnes and Noble book signing in Roseville, CA the day before Easter. I love this bookstore and the people in Sacramento. Then in May it's south to Southern California to the World Tea Expo in Long Beach. This trip promises work and fun. Must visit the ocean one of the nights. And yep, a pool will be available to get my swim fix. Not looking forward to the smallish regional plane from point B to C but it's the only flight plan that provides three big aircraft. Gosh, how do I tell my critters that change is on the horizon. I don't have the heart to do it. Tomorrow.

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