Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day Light Savings from an Author's Perspective

By Cal Orey

Today is the first day of Day Light Savings... My clocks--two chime--one oven, and a computer are finally in sync but I'm off. It's 6:15 and feels an hour earlier. It's almost 7 and it's still light outdoors. Time to get more physical. 
This morning I chose to ignore the canines who wear biological clocks on the wrists of their paws. I put the pillow over my head and in a light sleep repeated, "La, la, la..." It helped, sort of. I didn't want to give in. But eventually I did.

SHOPPING ON THE HILL... I've been looking for weeks to find that perfect infinity scarf for the upcoming work-play trip to the PNW. When you make a purchase online for something personal like this it's risky. So, I went to Heavenly Village shops (full of tourists) and did score the scarf of my fashion dreams. True, it was priced more than I wanted to pay. I left it. But within 15 minutes I returned and it was in the bag for me. It called out my name. It had me at the color and feel.

Somewhere in between the scarf hunt I craved a cookie. Walked into a cookie shop and my eyes focused on a petite peanut butter cookie. The man behind the counter would not sell it to me. He said I had to buy six. I darted, "I am small! I want to remain lean. I only want one." No can do. I walked out of the shop and was cookieless. I didn't return. The store's absurd policy doesn't work for me. If he had given me the cookie, more than likely, he'd have me addicted. As it stands, I will bake my own cookies.

NO WATER AT TAHOE...Worse, I craved a swim and hot tub at our local resort pool where I have a monthly membership. I was told via phone the card is only good for four week days and not five. I did not have permission to use it on Sunday. I complained: "The water has been freezing the last two times I've arrived. The women's hot tub has been down for months." He wouldn't budge. So a dog walk was the exercise I got on Sunday afternoon. 

SUNDAY NIGHT...Here I sit answering the phone psychic network and the calls are the usual--unrequited love. It makes me happy that I can smile solo with two dogs, one cat and no drama. It's a nice balance. But the callers are draining and since I'm an empath I thank the tea companies who help keep me calm with their wonder brew.

Looking at last week I made headway. The Vinegar book is in working progress to make it bigger and better than the 2nd edition. I've been cooking and baking with vinegars--sweet and savory custard to veggie salads and hearty cookies to vinegary scones are up; the pantry is stocked with a wide array of the superfood. Booked for the Healing Powers Series book signings and research for my dream book number six.

Overall, today was nice for the time change. But if I had my swim, hot bubbly water, and a cookie it would have been nicer. I sense the chamomile is kicking in. 

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