Monday, February 9, 2015

Author's Monday a Roller Coaster Ride

By Cal Orey
Monday's Child
I am a Monday's child; born at 8:55 P.M. Usually, I love this day as much as autumn. Not so much today. After I was awakened early by my Brittany and Aussie (Sunday they let me savor seven hours of sleep), I was welcomed by an unpleasant surprise. My beloved pleco Oscar didn't look like himself. When our eyes met I sensed something was wrong. Very wrong. My dear fish had passed. It was sudden. I was devastated...
I know, I know, "It's just a fish." But no. I am a fish person. I used to write for Tropical Fish Hobbyist.  Tending to an aquarium takes time, effort, love, cash, and patience. And once you get a balanced home for your fish it's a wonderful feeling. So, when you lose one dear fish (or more) it can take a toll on your mind, body, and spirit as it did mine today.

A new addition to my aquarium
LIFE GOES ON... After hours of researching "What did I do wrong?" I still don't have the answer. This afternoon I took in a water sample to the fish people. All good.  My goldfish are healthy and happy. Why did the fish gods take Oscar? I may never know. 
So, as I grieve, I brought home a new noname pleco. He and I made eye contact but we do not have the fish-human bond as of yet. It will take time. But I feel better knowing my aquarium is up to par yet I miss sweet Oscar. A lot.

A month ago today I should have been in Washington. But due to a nightmarish bathroom renovation my trip was postponed until next month when I will be the author signing Healing Powers Series books at the Bellevue, WA Barnes and Noble bookstore. After, it's on up into British Columbia for book research.
Seattle in Spring
Vancouver, B.C. is on my mind and
relocating to a big city
Yesterday, I printed out my itineraries and e-tickets. Appointments for me and my fur kids have been made before I get on a jet plane. I know it's more than a month away, but my anticipation is soaring. I enjoyed the trip to Quebec last September more than life itself. This time around I'm sensing it will be an adventure that will make me smile before, during, and after. 

OLIVE OIL AND VINEGAR BOOKS... The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, Revised and Updated is beginning to draw attention and books are selling. When I watch Food Network every day I watch super chefs pair butter, oils and olive oil. This makes me feel good because it's what I do in the book and dish why it works. 
I've begun working on the third edition of The Healing Powers of Vinegar. Last week I received vinegar(s) on my doorstep. I'm excited to try the different varieties in cooking and baking. It's an honor to be asked to perfect this book that was first written back in 1999. Actually, VINEGAR has had a long shelf life as my former editorial consultant predicted it would. How did he know that?

PREDICTIONS AND PSYCHICS... I am pleased to announce that I earned back my top weekly psychic title for one of the networks. Also, many of my clients have called me to give updates. The majority of callers have told me I was right. And that makes me feel good. Of course I'm not God but I do have strong intuitive powers and when I team my sixth sense with tools, more times than not the forecasts come true. 
Mornings before renovation nightmare
What's more, yes, I do read for myself. Many of my predictions have come to fruition for this year. So, as we head into mid February, and leave the Mercury Retrograde three week period behind, I envision good things on the horizon. While I did have bad vibes and anxiety before the handyman arrived for the bathroom remodel, I never envisioned such Earth changes that rocked my world and sense of order.
Half of my writings of 30 yrs.

EARTH CHANGES...  As I still find ruined items, time has healed my two dogs and cat from the renovation road that I endured. I regained the pounds I lost as well as feel centered once again. In retrospect, I was blindsided by ignorance and being naive. I truly believed a projected two-five day bathroom remodel would be a cake walk.  I was clueless to how much stress it caused. It was like being inside one of those glass snow globes and having someone turn it upside down and shake it while laughing. I will never forget the ordeal. But this weekend I got to enjoy having my life back as I once knew it.

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