Sunday, February 22, 2015

Baby, It's Cold Outside in the Sierra

Years back before our megadrought
By Cal Orey

Last night the wind was strong and a quickie storm rolled in. I was pleasantly surprised to see 1/18th inch of snow on the deck. It melted by noon. But it's still cold enough to make a fire tonight for the ambiance and to feel warm and cozy...

This a.m. my Brittany Simon woke me up before 5 a.m. to do his business. I'm wondering if it's a senior thing. Back to bed until 6:30 and then it was on air at 8:30 to dish about my latest book The Healing Powers of Olive Oil. 
For some reason, I dished about the megadrought in California (yes, I discovered after the show it is indeed affecting our state's oil producers and prices may soar for us), not using EVOO on my Aussie's double dense coat before a bath, and my love affair with Canada. (I did tie it in to my awesome autumn trip to Quebec with the olive oil/butter and warm, fresh baguettes I was served ). 
Maybe I spoke on many topics because it was early or my brain was on the new Healing Powers Series books and travels...but the olive oil book did sell today so my off the cuff, natural mountain girl with her heart in the city 30 minute interview must have tickled some listeners.
Tea warms the spirit and body

MORE NEW BOOKS BREWING... Currently, I'm working on the 3rd edition of VINEGAR and at the same time TEA has finally made its way to me as I signed the contract last week for my next assigned book. I am thrilled since I've wanted this assignment for 15 years. What's more, I'm booked to go to the Long Beach World Tea Expo. (I'm so into it the less than big aircraft CRJ900 and potential major Southern California quake aren't keeping me away.)
Of course, that big trip to Washington next month is on my mind, too, and the big book signing at Barnes and Noble bookstore in Bellevue...and onto B.C. for book research gives me more to anticipate. Juggling OIL, VINEGAR, and TEA seems like it would be a challenge but they all play a part in my life so it's not that confusing juggling the superfoods.
Craving a visit to a big city out of the country
paired with coffee, tea, and chocolate

BAKING TO SWIMMING...Today, I baked a fresh fruit galette (it's for the VINEGAR book) and the sweet and sour flavors are something to write about. Finding fresh strawberries in the wintertime is a challenge but I did it and the price was right. 
Hopefully the tourists will be AWOL
It's time for brewing a cup of herbal tea, letting the dogs out, changing the sheets, and making the fire. I'd rather cozy up and wish I had a witch to wiggle her nose and do it all for me but it will mean more if I go do it. And tomorrow morning I vow to get up and hit the pool and hot tub for the thrill of it.  I'm off to walk on spotty dry snow to pick up firewood and get that puppy crackling.  Tea, dogs outs, movies, and psychic network calls tonight should make it a nice Sunday evening at home. Uh oh. There is no chocolate in the house.

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