Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday the 13th Doesn't Spook Me

By  Cal Orey

Kerouac, my dear muse on the other side
He passed at 13 years old
Today is Friday the 13th, a day full of plenty of superstitions that can make people want to hide underneath the bed covers and not get up until V-Day tomorrow. But this year I'm not so sure I believe it's going to be a spooky day...

WAKING UP TO MENDING FENCES... I had a dream this morning that when the fence fixers arrived in the morning the wood in my garage wasn't suitable. It turns out my premonition was spot-on. No worries. The handymen got the right wood to do the job. The broken fence in a few areas are due to tired snow plowing men (before the megadrought) and the big tree that fell on the cabin during the West Coast superstorm in December.
But today is Friday the 13th and it's in the sixties--warm for Lake Tahoe in February. The sun feels warm despite thoughts, "This isn't normal. Early spring ahead."  Sure, it's a bad omen for a ski resort town but it is reality. The West Coast is drying up and we might as well deal with it.
My Aussie is a strong big boy

DOG PULLS A MARLEY... Yesterday not today on the day when weird things are supposed to hit, my Aussie pulled a Marley. A gate was put up in a room to give me a bit more control of a pup and senior canine. Big mistake. I put a leash on my energetic Australian Shepherd, 55 pounds, and he pulled me forward. Sadly, the new gate worked for his escape and not mine. I fell flat on my face. What's odd, a Victoria's Secret rep whom I purchased Sorels from for sierra winter that never came, told me via phone (after I told her I work psychic networks) that I would fall this season and hurt my right wrist and arm. Right she was despite I fought her negative forecast. 
As a working "psychic" I sense
my energetic dog didn't mean it...he looked
down at me with grave concern

On the upside, when I stood up in the hallway I only saw a cut left hand, felt a bump on my head and aching neck, upper back and right arm. After complaining of pain (even called the doctor but was told I'm "healthy" and no need for Ms. Hypochondriac aka author known to fabricate ailments to be seen), I forced myself to go to the resort hot tub. And today, Friday the 13th? The aches and pains are not as bad as I envisioned. Go figure. Funny, I assumed the clothes saleswoman saw me falling outdoors on black ice, not indoors. Gone gate.

JUST ANOTHER FRIDAY, SORT OF... Well, between you and me, a few strange things have happened. I received an e-mail from one hotel confirming my arrival to Washington next week. Uh, no--it's next month. A quick fix and it's all good. Plus, the tree that fell on my home didn't happen on Friday the 13th--and that was eerie, real surreal stuff that you think will never happen to you and then when it does you're dazed and confused: "Why me?" Gone tree.
It felt like a quake when it hit...just when I got a
thumbs up from my book editor--a go ahead
on two new book projects--a sign from above?

Looking forward to rain, cloudy skies

Tomorrow is on my mind, after all, it is a romantic day, especially if you're in a happy relationship. Unfortunately, my clients usually are not. They cry infidelity, not enough or too much attention, can't find a soul mate or are unhappy with the mate at hand. They believe I'm a magical guru but I remind each and every caller that I am not God--but my track record is rather surprising. So, I'll probably be on the phone. A lot. Yes, it's my job to analyze if he/she will come through on this day. Or not. 

And here come the rush of calls. Oh my. So many men are not coming through for their Valentine. This is a red flag. I've had three calls in less than 30 minutes--all about men AWOL. Sad. I do try and leave my clients with some prediction that is upbeat rather than just say: "I see you falling and breaking an arm." That makes me feel better. It's not fun to be dumped by man or dog! I speak from experience.

Me? I'm happy to be in love with my two dogs and cat. It was a warm and fuzzy feeling this morning to wake up to the the trio surrounding me. I felt safe. I felt content. I felt happy. So, the question is: Does Friday the 13th spook me today? Not this time, but there are two more coming up in 2015. As the famous quote in Three Days of the Condor: "The night is still young." Maybe after the fence is mended I'll go out and buy myself a box of gourmet chocolates for the feel-good endorphin high and count my blessings that this Friday the 13th will not haunt me.

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