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NEW Olive Oil Book Interview with the Author

5 Questions and Answers

As a California native (a state touted for its no-nonsense health foodies) author Cal Orey, M.A., is an accomplished author and journalist. She grew up in the down to earth post-hippie era, and in her teens she rebelled against processed foods and meat. That is the time when she fell into the world of health and a natural diet and lifestyle...

Revised and updated, Orey penned The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, an indispensable book revealing why chefs, doctors, and nutritionists all love extra virgin olive oil, a key ingredient in the Mediterranean Diet—and why other healthful oils from vegetables, fruits, and nuts are not far behind.  You’ll find easy and sophisticated recipes for satisfying foods like Italian Wedding Soup and Macadamia Nut Oil Cookies. Also, included: unusual home cures that beat colds and reduce pain, beauty and household secrets, and pet care tips that really work!
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Deliciously healing surprising author's secrets …

Q: Sugar or Fat? Which one does a writer need more?
A: Fat. I used to be a sugar junkie to beat those deadlines. These days, when I incorporate real butter (no fake stuff for me) and oil(s) with superfoods, I’m satisfied and keep lean and fit--and feel energized mind and body! But I'm human... Sugar on occasion in natural ice cream, gourmet chocolate, and a homemade cookie or seasonal fruit galette finds its way to my kitchen, now and then, especially for holidays.

Q: Packaged or fresh foods?
A: Fresh, fresh, fresh--and organic! You'll only find canned and boxed foods in my pantry for a power outage or the end of the world scenario. I’m known as the Healing Powers author who adores superfoods: vinegar, olive oil, chocolate, honey and coffee. 

Q: Olive oil or butter? 
A: Both! I dispel the 20th century myth that real butter is bad for you, your weight and heart. Pairing a bit of butter with oils, including coconut, canola, sesame seed, and other healing oils, is amazing for flavor and health in cooking, baking, beauty and more!
Back in 1999, I fell into the wide world of the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle because it includes fresh foods and healthful olive oil—and that superfood led to the first and second edition—The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, A Complete Guide to Nature’s Liquid Gold, Revised and Updated. The first edition is my second best-selling book and now the second edition has been released on December 30, 2014—but people are now just receiving it! And hopefully they jump on the oils and butter bandwagon as seen on Food Network!

Q: Medicine or food when a pesky health woe like a cold or flu hits?
2013-2015 Oscar was a good friend,
a beloved family member
A:  Nutrient-dense grub! Forget cold medicine in a box if a pesky health condition comes my way. I have stopped taking vitamins but I do indulge in foods (such as organic milk and whole grain cereals) infused with vitamin D, vitamin C, omegas, and other good for you stuff.

Q: Carbs or protein?
A:  Good and yummy carbs! I'm talking about dishing up fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, and my latest favorite are salted bagels (probably not super healthy but in moderation and piled with veggies it's doable), and fresh baguettes like I was served in Quebec. 
In my opinion, eating our animal friends is not essential to staying healthy. Can't do it. In fact, I'm having difficulty consuming fish. The mercury warnings don't help, nor the butcher not telling me where the fishies come from. Worse, I've fallen in love with Oscar, my pleco who tends to cleaning my fish aquarium. Carb power!

More on butter and oils in The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, Revised and Updated

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