Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Author Ponders Global Warming at Lake Tahoe

By Cal Orey

Author-intuitive saw global warming
coming around the world

Today I did it thanks to my canine alarm clocks and the large cup of joe at 6:00 A.M. Coffee does give you that nudge to go do it. I hit the pool resort to start swimming once again. It was a four day flu bug that's happening around the Lake, a faulty gate and energetic Aussie that took me down (literally) for a couple of days, and the tourists that kept me at bay. So, today you would think I was returning to utopia, right? Wrong...

Java in the morning is like waking up to a good friend
It's usually like this, quiet and serene
SWIMMING IN FEBRUARY...Tourists of all ages and sizes greeted me in the pool and hot tub--probably because snow is only man-made. I used to pretend the humans were sharks and swam around the obtrusive obstacle course. This morning I wasn't into playing games. I craved the calm water, swimming solo like a betta aka siamese fighting fish. Gave up. 
Hit the hot tub with bubbles that worked but chlorine permeated the air. On the upside, I thought: "I'm safe." On the down side, "It's strong." When the bubbles stopped nobody got out and up to turn on the dial for more bubbles. I was the heroine. 

My Brittany loves the dog shows
Back home I'm in my comfort zone amid my two dogs and dog-like Siamese. We still are trying to accept that a Beagle won Best in Show. The Brittany lost. I didn't see an Aussie. But some of the other breeds--Portugese Water Dog and Bedlington Terrier (I adored its bold manners when he stretched for comfort) to the handsome Dalmatian were awesome and made me recall past articles I've written about their traits.  
BABY IT'S HOT OUTSIDE..Worse, there was no snow outdoors or a crackling fire this time around. It's been in the sixties--too hot and not enough incentive to bring in firewood from the garage. Still trying to decide if I will send back my Sorel's. While the Northeast and South get slammed with snow and ice I can't help but recall I forecasted this out of whack climate. What's more, I'm envious. I didn't get to wear my mittens, snow hat, neck scarves, and watch our ski resort town blanketed in fresh white powder. The streets are dry.  I don't even think locals are praying for it anymore. Our town is suffering from an identity crisis. Without snow and the water level in the Lake is too shallow for boats, we've become a concert town with mediocre gaming at the handful of casinos at Stateline. While I still love the towering pine trees and the Lake, I'm yearning to move to a big city, including Montreal and Seattle. 
My productive "baby" is
getting a makeover!

THE AUTHOR AT WORK... Beginning the initial stages of the research for VINEGAR, third edition is on my plate. Waiting for Healing Powers Series book six contract and the sense of calm it will give me. Actually I've been anticipating and predicting this topic to write a book on for more than a decade. I will do a happy dance all day and night long the day with my companion dogs when I sign the legal document. 

Meanwhile, next month I am looking forward to getting on a jet plane (it was supposed to be early January before I was blindsided by a bathroom remodel gone bad) and flying to the PNW. First stop Bellevue, Washington for a Barnes and Noble book signing
Then, it's onward to Vancouver, B.C., for book research. I have plans to revisit the aquarium, and other sites. Back to Seattle for the last day I will certainly revisit Pike's Place and my hotel room will have a view of the Space Needle. These are the little things that bring out a big smile. 
Traveling to big cities is addictive

Not smiling because we didn't get a winter this year. But there are things to be grateful for such as not shoveling snow, less tourists (except for today's carry over from Presidents Day), lower heating bills, no ice dams or broken pipes, and an early Spring, I can do global warming at Tahoe. But relocating to a big city with colder days--even six feet of snow--and colder nights is on my mind. 

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