Monday, October 4, 2010

Contest: Winner,Winner Chicken Dinner: The Healing Powers Food Books

Last night we had thunderstorms, rain, and ponding. Oh my! Today, a weather forecast notes snow may be around the corner at Lake Tahoe. And I just got back from swimming at one of our resort pools... I heard chatter from locals amid tourist of getting the stay well flu shot. But hold the phone...
Personally, I don't do shots. I prefer to eat nutrient-rich superfoods, exercise (swim and walk my Brittany duo), sleep 7 plus hours a night, and keep it healthy by trying to chill during ups and downs in life with its mixed bag of stressors.
Another way I stay away from bugs is by turning to chocolate, olive oil, and vinegar. Yep, it's these good for you foods that may help you stave off pesky bugs and super bugs. This month of October, I'm offering the internationally popular Healing Powers series to you. Purchase two and I'll toss in the third one for free as well as free shipping. (Trade cover, retail at $14; you'll receive 3 for $28.)
Just e-mail me at -- and tell me why you love one of these superfoods. Then, dish out the three books you'd like me to send to you. (You can pay me via PayPal (click on $28) near the books on the homepage) or via check. These books are genuine gifts of health for you during cold-flu season and the upcoming holidays. Hundreds of edgy home cures and healthful recipes are a mouse click away!

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