Friday, October 29, 2010

A Chocolatey Autumn Thanks To Christopher Norman

By Cal Orey,
The Writing Gourmet

'Tis the cold season rich in falling golden and brown leaves and big orange pumpkins. It's the time chocolate lovers and chocolatiers make a connection--a chocolate link and rejoice. As the author of "The Healing Powers of Chocolate" (Kensington, 2010), I admit I miss the chocolate I was treated to during my research. And Christopher Norman Chocolates is one company that I will not forget.
Today, my fingers on the keyboard took me to their web site. The autumn chocolatey items are awesome: cats, pumpkins and leafs, oh my! If you open that sculpted dark chocolate pumpkin or leaf box you'll be greeted with four seasonal truffles. How warm is that?
Meanwhile, as I scrutinize the variety of autumn chocolates that grace the pages of Christopher Norman's site, I know from past experience that the palate won't be disappointed--mine or yours. Creative, original, chocolatey-delicious are words that are on my brain.
In my chocolate book, I discuss nine top-notch chocolatiers and this company in New York is one of them that is buzzworthy. Not only does Christopher Norman Chocolates play up seasonal chocolates but they are good to go year-round.Since autumn is my fave time, I can't help but enjoy the chocolate wonderland of creations. It's that time to put my order in and anticipate a fab chocolatey season.

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