Sunday, October 17, 2010

Healthy Chocolate for Worker Bees

By Cal Orey
The Writing Gourmet

It's Sunday afternoon and it's raining outside. I feel SAD, sort of. A bee guru warned me that postpartum blues could hit home once I finished my hard work on the big sweet honey book. This guy knows worker bees...
Yep, I'm feeling a bit down. My mood could be also due to not swimming today (the resort pool is off limits to locals during the weekends). I do miss my link to writing about the nectar of the gods and sacred honey bee. But hey, I did walk the dogs, cleaned the fish aquariums, worked the psychic network phone lines, and am getting ready to whip up a dish for my Tahoe Daily Tribune column, "What's Cookin at Callie's Cabin". I am so worker bee-oriented. Blame it on my genes or maybe I was a bee in a past life. If it wasn't for the recession (yes, I sense it's not over) in the works I'd probably fly to Italy for its honey and...
... chocolate: A while ago, I was sent a box of Chava Vital Chocolate. It's super "healthy chocolate"--the stuff that's good for you, really good for you. I'm not talking about mass market milk chocolate at the grocery store, nor premium chocolate filled with sugary goo and artificial ingredients. These chocolates are the real deal. Yep, we're talking super dark chocolate squares with super antioxidants. The cool thing about this healing chocolate is that it tastes healthy so you won't overdo it like you can with the sugary junk. Also, it boasts a creamy texture and a flavor that tastes like almonds or cherries. That means it keeps me coming back and it's not ending up in the trash like some healthy chocolates I've tried in the past.
So, go ahead. Check out this good for you chocolate. excerpted a list of compounds in chocolate from my book, The Healing Powers of Chocolate (Kensington, 2010). And I'm sure as a honey bee on the job that these guys are in Chava. Also, I penned an article "Chocolate World" in this month's Oracle 20-20 Magazine (page 24) that'll explain more info about chocolate for chocolate lovers.You can grab a copy of my chocolate book from me, online bookstores, book clubs, local bookstores, and anywhere you choose. (Psst! On October 28 it's Chocolate Day!)
Meanwhile, I think I'm going to go and snag a square of Chava for a nice pick me up while the sky is gray and it's all wet outdoors. I used to think I could live in Washington state but if I did I'd have to have chocolate--all kinds! (To find out all about Chava power, log onto this link and discover the dark secret.)


  1. You are right. This is the best "healthy" chocolate I have ever tasted. Absolutely delicious and the fact that it is good for you makes it "guilt-free". I have it every day. JML San Juan Capistrano,CA

  2. A piece of CHAVA a day keeps the doctor away!
    It puts me in a good mood too, perfect for rainy days! No-one needs to remind me to eat my piece of chocolate. Diarmid in Lake Forest.

  3. I have ADD. I thought as I entered my adult years, I would "outgrow it". Well, that has never happened and have struggled with it my whole life. I was introduced a month ago to what was touted as the worlds healthiest chocolate so I thought, why not, and ordered two boxes "just in case". Well, not only did my brain settled down on a level I had never known, but it made me feel good. I have now ordered another two boxes because of what it has done for me. I have never liked dark chocolate but this is a whole new ball game. I went to the site recommended and am now doing to do this as an additional business to my full time job. I hope I can help others feel as good as I do. Thank you Cal for introducing me to this CHAVA. You just changed my life.
    Michele, Seattle Washington (yes, we do get some sun now and then).