Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Honey Book is in Flight to New York

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Yesterday, on my birthday, I did it. I finally let go of the buzz-worthy book, The Healing Powers of Honey (Kensington, October 2011). My sibling surprised me with a dark chocolate cake decorated with a honey bee. How sweet is that? Today, the big book is on its way to the East Coast, 3000 miles away. Yes, my honey book with all the fruits of my labor is in transit. And now it's time to celebrate autumn and prepare for winter...
As a worker bee-type of individual, it's difficult to relax. But that doesn't mean fun times arent ahead. I'm talking more swimming, more dog walks, and fall cleaning--every crook and cranny. Baking and cooking healthful foods on a shoestring budget is also in the works for me for "What's Cookin at Callie's Cabin"--the weekly column in the Tahoe Daily Tribune. (This week it's Autumn Apple-Maple Scones.) Not to forget spreading the word about, The Healing Powers of Chocolate (Kensington, 2010).
And other people from around the globe are coming to me for my intuitive skills, which is fine because it really isn't work--my sixth sense is a gift so it comes naturally. So, goodbye my sweet honey book. 'Till next year when we reconnect.

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