Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Day in a Life of a Health Author--Phone Psychic

By Cal Orey,
The Writing Gourmet

As I sit here in worker bee mode and typing on the keyboard I am pondering about my life as it is today. I am a health author fine-tuning edits on my fourth book of the Healing Powers series. This time around it's "honey"--due to be published fall harvest time next year. And, I continue to dish out articles that feed the spirit and mind... Not only did I pen the Fall Horoscopes for Complete Woman magazine (still on the stands), but I just finished my Earth Changes column for Oracle 20-20 online magazine, November issue. (Not to forget "What's Cookin' at Callie's Cabin"--this week's article is about how I survived getting sick like an overworked worker bee.)
In between these tasks, I still am answering the phone rings..."Intuitive Callie... I'm sensing you're a Pisces. Uh-oh, I'm picking up energy that all is not well in Canada, your home..." And I still like it. It is odd, though, how I know exactly where these callers are calling from. How do I know that? It's the same as writing. The info comes to me. It's the same as cooking. The ingredients and how and what to use comes to me.
So, tomorrow is October 1...on the 6th it will be my birthday. Oracle 20-20 will be publishing a piece tomorrow that I wrote about decadent chocolate "CHOCOLATE WORLD" -- PAGE 24, (You can still read "Confessions of a Phone Psychic"--September issue, below October on the site). And again, I'm fantasizing about a killer chocolate cake but as an indecisive Libra I can't decide what type to make--white, milk, dark chocolate--or all three. Two layer, bundt cake, one layer, cupcakes...Maybe I'll tune into Intuitive Callie...Nah, she's signing off and going to Slumberland (even worker bees are motionless at night).

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