Sunday, November 2, 2014

Autumn Chill at Lake Tahoe

By Cal Orey

A late night train ride from Seattle to British Columbia
is the ticket to Canada
CANADA PLAN IS MOTION... As my flight plan and hotel arrangements have been made, going to Seattle and then onto British Columbia is another fantasy that will become reality in a few months.  I can't help but ponder, "How in the world can I make this Vancouver trip as exotic as the French speaking province?" But adventure has a way of happening. I do feel a sense of calm with this journey, perhaps because it is on the West Coast. Also, since I faced many challenges, including the fear of flying, traveling solo, using a hotel safe, dealing with immigration agents, I feel empowered. Bring it on. I am ready for new fear factors--minus the B.C. ferry during winter--for the the thrill of it and to feel alive.

EBOLA, LIFE, AND AFTERLIFE...Today, my article on Ebola was published in Oracle 20/20 Magazine (pages 22-23). My goal was to stay on the fence with my take on the virus and rumored conspiracy theories since events change daily. After all, I did write countless national magazine articles on the outbreak of HIV/AIDS in the early eighties while I lived in San Francisco. I was in the middle of it as it was unfolding; met men and women who had the virus or full blown AIDs; even ARC.  I wrote about Swine Flu when it became a pandemic six as I forecasted it would. And, of course, I've penned pieces on the common cold, flu, and how to boost your immune system whatever your age or gender. Ironically, I fell victim to a cold-flu after. I beat it by Day Six with rest, herbal tea, juice, lozenges, soup, and one strong sibling that is there for me during the best and worst of times (and I'm certain my active dog duo are thankful for the daily walks, rain or shine)...

10 Secrets You  Didn't
Know About Ebola
At the time of writing the Oracle 20/20 story, Bentley the dog and his strong mistress were paying their dues. This week they reunited and this ordeal for the two troopers make me happy. On the flip side, Kaci Hickox, the nurse who treated Ebola patients and her relentless and self-serving Norma Rae-type mission ruffles my feathers. Each time I sign on to the Net she's in my face fighting a battle that could backfire. Or not. 

More intriguing is the news about a fearless woman, Brittany Maynard who chose to do it after all; She ended her life two days after her husband's birthday. Due to a terminal illness--and that is one fight that I get--I have said more than once, I too, will move to Oregon if I face death that is not easy for anyone. As a Catholic I know it's a difficult choice but I most likely would follow in this young woman's footsteps. She paved the way.
Seth, the angels took him
My heart goes out to her, her decision. (Two years ago, my beloved Brittany, Seth, six, fell victim to a neurological disorder. I chose to end his life because the prognosis was unfair to him.) Two women, two dogs touch me. 

My healling puppy will be 2 yrs on Dec. 2
After taking the dogs for a long Sunday walk it was out for errands. I found the fluffy white comforter and throw for the loveseat to add warmth to my life. A wool snow hat to keep my head and ears warm and mittens for my hand still suffice until winter at Lake Tahoe hits. The Sorels are on their way, second choice but definitely doable. Layering tee-shirts, ribbed leggings, sweaters and neck scarves are more cues it's getting colder. 

At the store I got fresh ingredients for homemade vegetable soup, wheat French bread (baguettes nowhere to be seen), bagels with sea salt, banana chips and raw sugar for muffins, buttermilk for waffles and strawberries (like I ordered in Montreal), and pecans for chocolate chip cookies. I feel like a squirrel getting into nesting mode. Ironically, if I bake muffins and cookies and freeze them, it's fifty-fifty we'll have a blackout during a real snowstorm, unlike the dusting we got Halloween night.
My pleco goes with the flow

It's chilly outdoors--as I recall Quebec was 10 degrees in September. I sit cuddled up on the sofa in between my Aussie and Brittany. Today, we set our clocks back (my chime clocks are still one hour off), and got an extra hour of sleep which I love. Still, signs of pre-winter are everywhere but it's still off season and quiet here in the sierras. Years back, I didn't have a heater for a fish aquarium. These days, as long as we don't have a blackout my pleco "Oscar" and goldfish should be happy, surviving the autumn chill at Lake Tahoe.

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