Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Tribute to My Aussie, Happy Birthday

By Cal Orey
A pre-Valentine's Day gift waiting for me

My fur child and I bonded quickly
TODAY I LOVE MY DOG(S): I am dedicating a photo diary of my Australian Shepherd, Skyler "Skye"...  (See his mother/father/my words two years ago.) 
In Red Bluff, CA before pick-up in SAC
my native Californian pup 

He will be two-years-old on December 1. Recently, I discovered he was born early in the morning which is good news. My boy is a Fire Sign (Sag) and his Rising Sign is Libra, like me, and very compatible with my Aries cat Zen and Air Sign Gemini Brittany, Simon...

The only boy, I chose him in a heartbeat
Neutering a 10-month-old Aussie
is a challenge!
REMEMBERING BITTERSWEET NOVEMBER...Two years ago, November was a challenging month. I lost my six-year-old Brittany, Seth, to a neurological disorder. My family was grieving: Simon, his best canine pal, Zen, my sensitive kitty, my sibling, and me. I was lost. I was hurt. I needed a healing dog. I found another Britt--but the breeder gave the male to the sire's owner. Another dog, an English Setter, turned out to have some health issues. During the Christmas season my home was full a giant void. One morning, an ad caught my eye. Within days I was blessed with a male Aussie. I put my order in for the little guy who would win my heart and soul on Groundhog Day.
My herding dog makes me smile

Ah, fluffy puppy fur and paws
WELCOME GROUNDHOG DAY! Raising a pup is not easy when you aren't a puppy yourself.  (Memories in February 2013 with a new pup.) We're talking broken sleep, a few puddles of puppy pee, chewing anything and everything in sight. But in hindsight, I would do it all over again. 

HEALTHY AND HAPPY...Two years, so far his health is excellent. Although last week I took Skye to the vet for his left ear--scratching it was something that needed to be looked at. A minor yeast infection to be washed out and ear drops for one week. Reminds me of me: Ever since I moved to the mountains ear infections when it gets colder. 

As Skyler was growing, I was concerned about his weight. "How much will my Aussie weigh?" I asked everyone and anyone who had a clue. We missed on the blue eyes but amber with different colors in the light is awesome. "Will he weigh more than 40 pounds?" Indeed, Skye did grow bigger than Simon and once the size of my cat at 12 lbs. Today, my two other fur kids aren't bothered by Skye's weight and strength despite him being the biggest out of the three.
2013 Fall at Lake Tahoe
Getting a blue merle wans't planned
Outdoor-loving Sag, no surprise! Go dog
LADY FATE PAID ME A VISIT... There are no coincidences... Years ago, I wrote an article on Aussies. I never dreamed I'd go to a herding breed. I fell into it and I am glad I did. Australian Shepherds have a similar temperament to Brittanys--Type A and upbeat. Nothing to complain about here.

Snow dog but not off leash due to bully dogs

A great day with my boys
WE ALL GET ALONG IN 2014...As a proud owner of an Aussie, Brittany, and Siamese mix, I'm pleased to say everyone gets along. It took two days for the cat to warm up to Skye...and quite a while for Simon to come around. After all, he was in love with his Britt sidekick. But both the new pup and Simon are growing closer, day by day, and they do play, sleep with us, and Skyler is just what the doctor ordered! He's keeping my 11-year-old Brittany acting like a young two-year-old.

The bottom line: "There is a dog god"... And again, I've been blessed with warmhearted canine who has won my heart but I will never forget the dogs' pawprints (one Maltese, two Labs, and two Brittanys) on my soul in Dog Heaven.

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