Saturday, November 22, 2014

Warm Beaches VS Canada--Author Headed North

By Cal Orey
Eating a vegetarian meal up high at the
Space Needle is on my list

A week before Thanksgiving and thoughts of a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Eastern Seattle/Bellevue is on my mind. While I do love late autumn at Lake Tahoe, I can't help but think about traveling to the PNW--Washington and Canada. Come January, once again I'll be headed north and out of my comfort zone...
Canada is on my mind (again)

GOING NORTH OR SOUTH... My semi-competitive sibling announced he will be going south to Costa Rica when I return from my business-vacation trip. I have tasted and written about coffee from there, a place where men have been tagged "macho" and years ago, I did hitchhike one hundred miles south of the border. Once I heard the news, the green-eyed monster appeared. My big winter escape suddenly didn't seem so exotic. 
Sibling adventurer on the Lake when
I swim at resort pools in the snow
These threads will keep this California girl warm

Sure, flying north to Seattle is still new and exciting to me, despite I've been there a few times--and it's not Alaska (I've written about the great earthquake, and was a kid when it hit and rocked the snow-covered ground for five minutes). Come to think about it, BC is part of the Cascadia Subduction Zone (overdue for a 9.0) and I have watched quake swarms in the region off the coast.

Visiting Vancouver is still a new playground for me. On my list of to do is going to Vancouver Aquarium, savoring coffee shops, finding a non-fish meal at "Sky City" and getting the nerve to book a B.C. Ferry to Victoria. But, but, but...

OLD MAN WINTER IS FICKLE...Wacky weather around the nation is on my mind. In my weather forecast for 2015 (published in December issue of Oracle 20/20 Magazine in my monthly Earth Changes column), I note lots of rain and some snow in the Pacific Northwest. So, while the 6000 mile trip to Quebec didn't come with a lot of "rough air" in flight, I'm sensing that this upcoming adventure may be a little more adventurous. I can do turbulence, sort of. Still, choppy water is another issue. I did take a ferry to Catalina and was fine, smooth sailing. However, when asked numerous times to go on San Francisco Bay waters know for its seasick journeys I passed, time after time. So, I suppose getting my sea legs will be the test. 
According to Wikipedia, 30s in Jan. is the norm for Vancouver
West end of downtown and view of Kitsi Beach

When I was younger in my early twenties, hitchhiking through the Mojave Desert on through Gulf states with warm water was my fantasy come true. These days, for some reason, I'm gravitating north where it's colder. Perhaps living at Lake Tahoe where it used to get below zero in the winter has changed my preference for temperature. I've always loved grey skies and fog, like in San Francisco so maybe that's another reason I'm northbound.  It's romantic.  I will sip coffee day and night since Vancouver is touted to be a top city for its joe.
Note to self: Bring java back from B.C.

TROPICAL NEXT IN LINE... So, while this upcoming trip is pre-ordered and ready to go I admit even another trip but south is on my brain. The Gulf states, Jamaica (I almost got there via plane by panhandling in the airport), are places I'm toying with...then Toronto, Canada keeps taunting me. Been there but am tempted to go back one more time. 
The deal is, sub-Mediterranean climate is in Washington and British Columbia. Read: It should be warmer than Tahoe when I leave. No need to rush the trip after the one that is coming up. After all, we're still in autumn, my favorite season, especially at the Lake. I'm sure after the Canada adventure it will come to me what's next.

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