Monday, November 10, 2014

My View on Book Signings, Past, Present and Future

Coffee is the star in Roseville this Saturday
By Cal Orey
November 15, 2014
Saturday   1:00 PM
1256 Galleria Boulevard
RosevilleCalifornia 95678

Book Signings. You can't live with them and you can't live without them. I have been a featured author at Barnes and Noble bookstores for several years as well as a guest at Borders and Neighbors, our Lake Tahoe defunct bookstore--I was the first and last author at the charming store that didn't get enough business during the years, much like The Shop Around the Corner replaced by Fox bookstores in the film "You've Got Mail"...
Roseville, Saturday January 15 at 1 PM
Some of the stores I've signed books include: San Jose (my hometown and nobody came), Walnut Creek (with geologist Jim Berkland, TV station crew), San Mateo (doctors didn't make it for the Doctors' Orders book), San Francisco (a very busy signing for The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes), Sacramento (dogs upstaged me and my books), Chico (my Brittany Simon was a gentleman and well received), Glendale (a super big audience and lots of interaction), Palmdale (TV crew), Costa Mesa (the geologist held the fort down while I fought a cold at Laguna Beach in a posh hotel), Seattle Downtown (a busy day with a big audience), and Las Vegas (lots of books sold, different people and a ghostwriting gig followed). The thing is, with respect to Forest Gump's mother's words: Book signings are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.

HELLO ROSEVILLE...Some of the past discussion/signings I went to drew a crowd, like one at Roseville. I invited a guest speaker and we fought for the microphone. My face turned red, at first. I am an ambivert. When dozens of people are staring at me and waiting for me to speak it can be a little unsettling. But when I'm on the radio, like Coast to Coast with George, I'm in my comfort zone and speak from the heart--and pray that my soothing, sexy voice comes out late at night, which it does more times than not. And that is why I am a repeat guest. I suppose the same happens at book signings where I'm face to face with people but deep inside my heart still goes pitter patter--not so much on the phone.

On the road is on my mind
So, this week on Saturday I will be returning to Roseville, outside of SAC. It's my job to dish on the perks of coffee which shouldn't be too difficult. I am a coffee lover. I never know if there will be a lot of people or if I will play meet and greet one on one. No matter since I've done both formats. Also, one time the community regional manager of a Barnes and Noble store invited guide dogs. Mistake. 
A different book signing upstaged by dogs
The canines got more attention and hugs so I simply put my pen down and bonded with a Great Dane who had attitude and didn't buy my book. 

This time around at Roseville,  I'm going to offer a drawing for free bags of store coffee! The store will be offering my Healing Powers Series but coffee is the star--and they have a coffee bar. I used to take my fur kids, pups and adults...tomorrow they are going to the nice kennel: extra walks, nail trim for Skye, nice brushing, and a break for all one day/night. They do not know yet...and I haven't told them about Seattle-Vancouver. But they were so happy last trip...pampering is the trick.

A better version of a popular book
RENO, NEVADA ON JANUARY 3...Come January, it's off to Reno. I adore this bookstore. There is a mural of famous classic authors--the masters--other stores have this feature, too. This time around I will take a picture of it...and, of course, someone will take a pic of me signing books. It will be my new book, the 2nd edition of The Healing Powers of Olive Oil. This book is my 2nd child, all grown up and has worked hard for me. I'm proud. And this book is more than 50 percent updated and revised. I'm talking new research, other healing oils, unusual home cures, recipes using olive oil, other oils and butter. Not to forget up close and very personal stories in each chapter.

Two days and one night Sleeping in Seattle 

SEATTLE/BELLEVUE... January 10. This is going to be a big event for me. I will be reading some stories which I include in each chapter, my favorite ones will be shared in front of folks. Recipes will be passed out as well as a question and answer segment. And, not only will the OLIVE OIL book be the highlight, my other books, including COFFEE, HONEY, and CHOCOLATE will be on the table. 
The signing will most likely be one that I will cherish and for my reward? Afterwards another visit to Canada is on the agenda. While it's only almost mid-November, I can feel the Pacific Northwest is going to make me do my happy dance with my dog duo. I'm already smiling each time I think of the trip up North. Taking a long train ride across the border to Canada; a high rise hotel in downtown Vancouver; visiting the Vancouver Aquarium and other sites has my mind and heart working over time for the day when it all happens. 

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