Friday, December 23, 2011

Sweet Winter Contest: Win Chocolate Book & Chocolate Snowmen!

Two Chocolate Gifts for You!
'Tis the day before Christmas Eve and day after the first day of Winter. Chocolate is on my brain. Actually, during the holiday season through Easter chocolate is a big deal. Really big. I know this because it was discovered during my research for The Healing Powers of Chocolate (Kensington). Ah, those were the days when I received gourmet chocolate from around the globe on my doorstep via UPS.
Yeah, yeah, yeah (popular saying these days) I was in Chocolate Heaven every week, sometimes three times. I'm talking dark chocolate sea salt caramels from Fran's in Seattle to chocolate truffles from Ireland. Not to forget chocolate bars and bon bons from popular chocolatiers in California to New York and Florida to Chicago.
These days, it's coffee which isn't too shabby either. But chocolate is an awesome gift to give or receive. I chose these chocolate covered cookie snowmen from Enjou Chocolat. These cuties seem appropriate due to the snowfall in the Southwest/Midwest. Not so much here in the Sierra. It's 5 degrees and it will be a swim day/fire at night. Manmade snow at Heavenly for now. But I forecast significant snowstorms will follow in January and February.
Meanwhile, edible snowmen will have to suffice. And the chocolate? Well, it'll help boost those feel-good endorphins. Then, one day I'm certain a storm will come in, the white stuff will fall from the sky, shoveling will follow and walking the Brittany duo in knee high powder, and making a real snowman will happen. Till then, a book on the merits of chocolate and eating chocolate cookies is as good as it gets.  (Enter the contest on Foodie BlogRoll website and you just may win these goodies.)


  1. I'm not sure I'm eligible to enter (and maybe even win), as I'm not in the US but in Ireland, but I just wanted to say I've only just found your blog and I'm loving it already.
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas and new year. Nollaig shona dhuit, as we say here.

  2. Hi June,
    Ah Ireland. I'm almost made it there. You are so lucky! Thank you for the compliment. For this contest, we're just shipping to the U.S. Happy Holidays. The next contest (Feb.) I may include other countries.