Thursday, April 9, 2020

COVID-19: Diary of an Author-Intuitive

By Cal Orey

Dear Diary,

It's been a while but I find myself coming back to you to feel connected or alive--in my safe zone. During the Covid-19 shutdown (more than three weeks) so many changes have occurred in the world that it is mind boggling. Humans seem to adapt -- especially when there are not a lot of choices if we are to survive and carry one...

Survival Instinct, Doing Without for Health's Sake
Isolation is nothing new for me

We are all adapting to the big stuff -- testing, counting infected, deaths, ventilators, and our loved ones. So silly day-to-day changes seem petty. I feel like a hypocrite. When callers ring me from around the globe and ask about love -- it bores me. But now more calls always have Covid-19 as part of the problem -- my interest is there, sort of. But my loves are my Zen and Skyler -- two Fire Sign companion animals that help keep me grounded. 

Life without swimming, travel plans, seeing people on the street is eerie like a sci-fi ghost town when our tourism hub usually is overflowing with tourists.  That said, this is like off season -- a time when locals rejoice that the town is ours. But it's different. 
However, without the resort pool and hot tub (my oasis to beat cabin fever) I am a bit down. Note to self: To get that endorphin boost I will get on the treadmill -- today.

Watching and reading about lives lost, death counts (taking me back to the sixties' war), ventilators that actually do not work, and infected numbers in hot zones is sobering. But, but, but California is getting credit for our social distancing earlier than later. I give kudos to Governor Newsom (I've sent him several emails), medical experts like Dr. Fauci and others who are our heroes.

Life Goes On

The word is we are flattening the curve. This gives me hope. Also, while deaths continue -- more sparks of hope are spreading like wildfire. We will survive. No, we will never go back to the way we were. Life was safer. It's sort of like after 9-11. Changes took place.
Flying was a different experience -- big time. Trust was lost.  Hate crimes soared. People were wary of anyone and everyone. Now, it's is sort of like that. A new normal.  As an introvert, the changes taking place, such as not shaking hands or running out to crowded events doesn't bother me. This is my lifestyle. But no travel because of shut borders is one of the biggest changes that is difficult. 

Doctors and Vets for the Dog and Me

Yesterday, I had a quick telemedicine appointment with my general practitioner. Yep, anxiety hits. The visit was comfy. After all, my doctor of two decades got to meet my Aussie. How cozy is that. 
I called the vet -- no bath (I will do it myself in a few weeks when the weather warms up) but the techs will do nail trims. They will come outdoors to the car and take the animal and do the procedure and bring him back. I'm good, dog good. We got this.

Beauty and the Beast to Traveling out of the Country

News anchors are talking about how scruffy they look. The men say they need a haircut. The women show their hair root growth. Me? Well, I got my highlights and lowlights the day before lockdown (it pays to be intuitive). Then, the other day I ordered an online pricey powder root touch up which I'll probably use in May or June--I am sensing we stay be in partial lockdown...
I can do this. In the past I'll go three to four months without hair coloring because the chemicals are strong. Plus, it's my style to get it done before a trip... I asked the good doctor yesterday, "Will I be able to fly to Canada in the fall?" Pregnant pause. He knows I'm healthy... But he also knows I gravitate up north where the borders are closed.  Someone told me the other day that March is the best month to see the northern lights in Canada. It will still be cold...maybe that is the month I'll book the trip. After all, the airline extended the lockbox wallet with money and vouchers for another year.  The airlines are hurting.

Less TV, Less News is Calming -- to Book Sales

Perhaps people are a bit more chill -- including me -- because we're getting uses to the new normal -- and flattening the curve (less infected people) is working. Social distancing, less frantic panic buying and hoarding (but it is still going on), trying to adapt to cabin fever and the uncertainty of the world.
We know we are now in a Great Recession -- worse than in 2008. That was the time I lost my magazine gigs (five in one month). I took a real writing job for a luxury real estate firm. It was like a "The Devil Wears Prada" sequel. But I survived. And my publisher brought me back on board. 
Several books later -- #9 in progress but who knows what will happen.  For some reason, my books are selling. HONEY is #1 bestseller on amazon. I was told COFFEE, HONEY, and VINEGAR 3rd ed. -- all went back to press:  12,000 copies in a few weeks. Not Stephen King -- but good for a workerbee author-journalist. And I am writing health articles! Feeling blessed to be working. Exhale.

Springtime is Here...They will come
in the Summer...

The critters are outside. I hear a bird or two trying to build a nest. Chirping and now the dog is barking. The snow is melting. A bird feeder, pre-gardening, and sunshine is next up. I hear a lot of birds this morning.  
Life changes. It's a wake-up call. Humans are not invincible. We need to take each day, one by one, because you never know what is going to happen.

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