Thursday, April 16, 2020

COVID-19: Diary of an Author Intuitive

By Cal Orey  Dear Diary,

Gardening is on my agenda

Lockdown...Month 2. Politics.  The social-distancing protesters are here and everywhere. I will not fight anymore. It's everyone for themselves. It is political and we are divided. The scientists, medical researchers, and doctors know best. They've been there, done that as I have as a journalist. Let the deniers take off their masks and end up overwhelming the hospitals...more lockdowns. Because that is in the cards. Hasty actions will only make this nightmare worse. 

Pandemic, a New World Full of Chaos and Challenges
A lot has happened since I've come here. Deaths. Quakes. Tornadoes. Deaths. And social unrest.  I have to say people are being pro-active but divided more than ever before. Good things, bad things are going on. It's the End of the World as We Know it...And I feel fine to The End by The Doors play in my head day and night.
It's a time for self-preservation. Opening up the Midwest and staying home on the West Coast. Sounds good to me. Lately I've realized once again that it's not that life is too short. It's more that you can be blindsided by anything any time. BAM! And then you either bond or grow apart with family, friends, and humanity.
I miss my sanctuary...CLOSED
Right now the world and nation are bickering about everything. I'm trying not to argue but sometimes I have to speak out about wet markets to inhumane actions.

Social isolation is nothing new for me. As an author it's my life. Welcome to it. But with doors closed to the resort pool, borders closed to other states and countries--I've got cabin fever.

Out There Where the Dark Seekers Are
Today, I drove around town. It looks like off season at Lake Tahoe. Beauty and Mother Nature. But something is different. Signs at casinos are new: "Stay Home, Save Lives." Few people are seen. A couple at a beach. No boats on the lake. No shops open. The town is shutdown. One month down. Word is another month to go.
I'm okay. Dog needs his nail trimmed soon. No roots on my curly hair show yet. Teeth cleaning is scheduled for May 26. All is good. It's safe for now. Inside my cabin it's still calm. Living an author's lifestyle is serene if you forgot about deadlines. A dog. A cat. A sibling in the back house. These are the things that keep me grounded.  Not to forgot my hands and cuticles are dry to protect myself from the germs in our new world.

Food: Foraging and Panic Buying
I am now 50 percent vegan, 122 lbs
Those days were not fun. Going online and four different stores to get needed food. It was scary and stressful. But we did it. Now, I have a stuffed pantry, the way it should be. However, if a second wave comes -- and I predict it will in the fall we will be a bit ahead. Food check. Personal items check. Pet food check. And OTC pain relievers, soap, shampoo, root touch up, and other necessities. 
Be prepared as Scar sang in "The Lion King". Nah, I won't get political...but there is an uncanny look alike thing and the king is scary. My December trip to Alaska was foreshadow of rocky times: Food shortage, no northern lights, and isolation in my hotel room due to an unsafe place because of fog and ice the schools and non-essential work places were closed...kind of like now.

Autumn Northern Lights

The world is divided...It's not safe
Yes, I want to book the flight to Calgary. I need to see the northern lights. The "Call of the Wild" film teased me. My Aussie watched Buck with me--three times. It was a sign. I have to go. I have a mask. I am healthy. 
But Canada's border may still be closed. And if it's not I may get stuck on a plane and quarantine. The airline has my money in a lock box...only first class and coach. No food which I never ate anyhow. But getting stuck would be the biggest game changer. I couldn't deal being away from my home and loved ones and deal with strangers in hazmat suits.

During a quick telemedicine visit I asked my GP: "Will I be able to go to Canada in the fall?" Pregnant pause. I suppose March 2021 is Plan B.  I want to escape. Traveling allows me to feel alive, connected to humans. I miss that and fun adventures into the unknown. Ironically, we are living an adventure. It's called meet and greet the smart virus -- maybe man-made. Or not. But it is mean. It is unpredictable. And our pre-pandemic life is gone forever. Life continues on but we're not out of the woods. At all.

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