Sunday, April 19, 2020

COVID-19 Diary of an Author-Intuitive

By Cal Orey
The pandemic is in a new phase now. It's gone political big-time. People are divided more than ever. Half are protesting. "Freedom!" and they are tuning out the medical experts like Dr. Fauci. They're wanting to dump the savvy 1, 2, 3 guidelines and go back outside, go to work, and go back to our pre-pandemic days. Right...
The deal is, it's too soon! Today, 41,000 deaths in the U.S. and 3/4 million are infected. This is not "fear mongering" or "fake news"--it's the real deal. I've wasted my day trying to convince people to not be hasty. Chill. Why do we want to run not walk  into a lethal second wave? One mega lockdown is enough. We're not there yet. But people are being led down the wrong path.
My God. People who run grocery stores, big and small, are considering not allowing folks inside to do their own food shopping. Why? Because grocery store workers are getting infected and dying! Governors get it. Well, some do. Concerts, golf tournaments, schools not ready to reopen and act like life is normal. Life is not anywhere normal. Yet we have protesters shouting, "Freedom!" Huh? Hello. We are in a mega pandemic and states, many states have not peaked. Translation: More deaths are coming to you soon. 

Loving Your Comfort Zone
As an author I live an introvert's lifestyle. Being stuck at home is nothing new. I get cabin fever and yes, I have it now. I have no resort pool/hot tub. No casino. No traveling to Canada to see those northern lights. CLOSED. I feel it. However, every summer when the world is outside having fun I have had to adapt and hunker down to finish a book on deadline. How? How exactly do I do that?
Hmmm. Chocolate. Tea. Coffee. Repeat. And nutrient-dense food. Also, last year I put a lot of energy into making the deck, front and backyard cozy with tons of rocks, pathway stones, patio furniture complete with umbrellas, solar lights, cozy chair cushions, faux ivy and lavender flowers surrounded by live cacti. It is my sanctuary.
And walking the action-oriented dog with a lake view and towering pine trees helps a lot--like today. We are calm. Exercise works! At night when it's cool, building a fire and sipping a cup of hot chocolate is comforting. Enjoying cable, pine trees outside to admire from every window helps me stay connected to Mother Nature. I'm good. But the protesters are not grounded. At all and they are putting themselves and others in the line of danger...

People Don't Get It
Protesters are losing their grip on reality. If they get their freedom to invade their world as it once was they will likely be infected or infect others. And then we will have to play the lockdown game again and again. Of course, it may happen anyhow but if the "freedom fighters" continue on their mission they're going to make their lives even more miserable. It's time to chill and listen to the medical gurus not the politicians who say, "Get out and go to work." They do not care about us--they care about the crashing economy.
My motto: Health before money. Fact: If you don't have your health you will not be able to use your cash flow six feet under. It will be useless. 
In my twenties, I hitchhiked across America and through Canada. I had my health as I still do but I had no money. Not a dime. I was happy. Sure, I wanted my own house for comfort for me and my dog but I did have freedom. A lot.
These days, I do have the home, the dog, and freedom. I sense puppy would be happy either way but at night he is spoiled all cozy indoors in my bed. And food? Well, we've got plenty and structure.
Still, I was patient unlike the protesters. I scrubbed toilets while in grad school and paid my dues to be able to enjoy the comfort I have today. And right now I do have gratitude to live in the mountains, be in a cozy, peaceful cabin, sharing my life with a fluffy canine and affectionate cat, and have my beloved family living behind me.

Everyone Pays a Price--It's Time to Breathe
Life is what you make it. I get it. There are people who cannot work remotely. There are people who must work jobs that are dangerous, such as nurses, doctors, grocery store workers and more.  Telecommuting doesn't work for some. But people are thinking outside of the box for now. Some doctors are doing telemedicine, grocery stores are opting to offer pick up or delivery, nurses and doctors at hospitals are not as fortunate and they are our heroes in the line of fire fighting a smart virus that is outsmarting us.

For now, we have to be bold, patient, and hang in there if we want our freedom--again. Will it ever be the same? Probably not. Will it get better? Most likely. But like anything worthwhile we have to pay the price and fight for something that we really want. And I can tell you we will get our freedom as I did but it will not happen over night or tomorrow.  It's time to chill and take one day at a time. Everyone pays a price. This time we are supposed to be doing it together or it will not work.

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