Sunday, March 8, 2020

COVID-19: Diary of an Author-Intuitive (The Gut Truth About the Coronavirus)

By Cal Orey


I'm back. While all is calm in the cabin the world is not serene. Zen, my Siamese is resting on my arm. This feline has an uncanny sixth sense. He is a Pisces/Aries cuspie. He gets me-- and has always been my rock. The Aussie? A Sag, he is also strong. A herding dog, my protector. My boys. But I'm feeling on edge.

My sibling who lives in the back house is in denial. I know he's sensitive, like me. As a kid when we'd watch scary movies he'd put his hands over his ears. When the Angora Fire hit Tahoe, he fled to the driving range. An hour later, he came home after seeing the smoke, dark skies, sirens, and hearing me tell him I was getting phone calls every 15 minutes to evacuate. We left. So here I am alone (again). But he will come around.

Everyone copes with stress differently. I troubleshoot. I don't believe in the saying, "Think positive"--I say "Have Plan B, C..."  And I over think. A college professor once wrote on my short story: "Shows promise. But sometimes your vivid imagination is infuriating and immature." He game me an A. Professor John Beecher loved my dog story. And my dog in real life today just nuzzled up next to me.

Today, I bought more bottled water.--this time online. I went to one website and read the words, "Sold Out" and another one's words hit me, "Out of Stock." People on social media are sharing stories of how certain store items are gone. Shelves empty. It's taking me back to Y2K days. The store hiked up the water price but the manager denied it. I got sucked into the hype and hope for the best of it all. Nothing much happened. We entered 2000. Fast forward to 2020. Virus versus no computer. I'd take the latter if I had a choice.  We do not.

Tomorrow a Full Moon a Rising

I sit here drinking water and munching on trail mix. The brother? He drove off to get a milkshake at a fast food drive-thru. Comfort food? Sure. Why not. But hey, does it really matter? Twinkies are making a comeback. A sign of the times. 

Mixed messages from the government. Stocks tumble already today from abroad. I wish there was a snowstorm and power outage so the news wouldn't be available tomorrow morning. Real words and experiences from real people around the world via social media. I listen to the medical experts but they don't know everything. Worse, they, too, are scared of the scenario that could take place. Or not.  Ironically, now that people are talking about their new life for now I get it why they didn't open up. We don't want to face what could happen tomorrow, next week or next month. 

It is best to stay in the moment. Right now, it's good. Cat and dog, assigned article half done, and we have an early Spring.  I wish there was dark chocolate gelato in the freezer. A cup of chamomile tea will suffice.  I'm scared.

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