Monday, March 16, 2020

COVID-19: Diary of an Author-Intuitive--Entry 6

By Cal Orey

As my trustworthy, savvy astrologer friend in the UK forecasted the next week will be insane. . .

Good Morning, America!

This morning I woke up to a few feet of snow. Before COVID-19 that would be a challenge. Today, it was put on the back burner.  At noon the major supermarket in town was out of food due to hoarding and panic buying. Yeah, a bit like that. It was like the sci-fi films I watch but didn't really get it until it happened in real life...

People are frantic. People are still in denial. People are talking about booking trips soon or saying, "We're good!" All the different acting out is making me feel even more unbalanced. I am in processing mode. Going through the motions of daily life but feeling not there. For instance, taking the dog out, brewing coffee, bathing, and wondering, "How much worse will it really get?"
Well, 7 million folks in the San Francisco Bay Area are quarantined for three weeks. The good news: They can go to banks, doctors, and walk their dogs. But word is the military will arrive next week to help keep order in my mountain town. Curfews will be next. I also heard stores, the few we have, will cut hours and if we go outside we must have a paper sort of like in having a pass to go to the bathroom in school. Also heard dental offices are shutting their doors but pharmacies may still be open. Or not.

Telecommuting, What's New?

A an author-journalist I have worked in bunny slippers for 30 years. So this new working style is old news. However, going swimming, running errands, taking a week off to visit Canada is not happening. Even taking the dog to get his almost due rabies shot is a challenge. Today, I was told he had to have his temperature taken. Huh? It's protocol. If he's too excited his body heat can spike and no shot. At first I jumped to conclusions, "Are they testing him for COVID-19?" Will they kill my best friend like they're doing in other countries?

I wonder if my publisher(s) are on lockdown. As I search online it looks like two regions are already there--even more than we are. But they must be working remotely. They are big. They will do that. Checks coming to me soon but will it go smoothly or once the borders to our town are shut will mail stop? I hear food deliveries may cease and this is one reason why people are buying meat, cheese, milk, and everything...even pet food was gone. Folks in town show photos of empty shelves. No food...

A bit like Alaska in the winter. Ironically, this is one state that has not reported one coronavirus case. Not to say that someone isn't affected. After all, we don't have tests. Sigh. 


Today, one friend said she was watching the film "Pandemic"; another insisted she's going to Europe in the fall. I know my trip to Canada to see the northern lights and a moose is up in the air.  I read that Canada is closing their borders to all. Then I read US can still visit. I am lost. I don't know who to believe.

I trust my dog and cat. My sibling? We fought over a thermometer! We're both hypochondriacs and healthy boomers. But nobody is immune. I feel sick. No, no...No fever. No cough. No sore throat. I do not like drama. Watching everyone act out is making me feel  ill. I am not hungry.  I am depressed. Down to the 122 pounds or maybe 120 pounds in the morning. But while this was my wish now I know enough is enough. 

I am in shock mode like when I lost my beloved dog Simon a few years ago. I called Suicide Hotline the first night. I said to the person answering, "My dog died." She replied, "Honey, you're in shock." A few days later I called back. "I was crying nonstop." The person who took my call said, "You're grieving." Great. And today, my Simon paid me a visit. I took a call from the UK...B-Day was the same as my dog. We are connected. He always comes to me in time of need. Simon was my Rock. But now I feel disconnected to the world. We are broken. Everyone is scared, angry, working against one another. 
Today, I watched the scary parts in "The Lion King." I want to escape to the happy place with the happy animals when Simba was a teen and singing Hakuna Matata.  During rough air en route to Alaska it calmed me. I want to fly away. But I can't. The airlines are shutdown...and do not answer the phone.

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