Monday, December 26, 2016

2019 forecasts

By Cal Orey


It’s time to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome a new year with new challenges in our nation and around the world.  The year of 2017 promises to be a rocky ride so fasten your seat belts. Be prepared for surprises, whether it is earthquakes in unlikely regions or shakers in climate chaos where history will repeat itself. It will be a year of uncertainty, self-reliance, and connecting to humanity despite political chaos--due to Mother Nature’s wrath. Take an up close and personal look at what I see happening for the New Year.

A Mixed Bag of Predictions for 2017
·        Earthquakes

* While the San Andreas didn’t give us a major or great earthquake, California did rock. We endured a quake swarm in Southern California’s Salton Sea region, a December Offshore Northern California 6.5 and 5.0 Northern California quake. These could all be preludes to a stronger jolt this year. (UPDATE: Salton Sea swarm returned end of year...Fizzled again.)
* Not to forget the entire West Coast, including Seattle, Washington and Anchorage, Alaska—two shaky states that are also overdue for temblors and if shallow will be widely felt and may produce a tsunami.
* An underwater earthquake may create big waves somewhere in Ring of Fire—affecting the land and food chain. (7.9 Solomon Islands, Tsunami Alert, Jan. 22)
* A great quake like in 1964 may rock California causing a West Coast big wave that’ll cause destruction in infrastructure and fatalities.
*Europe may be challenged by major earthquakes, including Italy, Turkey, and Greece. At least one will be shallow, in a major city, and be possibly an 8.0 or stronger.

·        Rain and Snow Events
As the Earth rocks, lack of snow in Western United States will continue, especially in the ski resort industry, including California and Utah. And note, the ground will be linked to more wildfires year round—not just the summer into fall. (UPDATE.  Blindsided big-time. WRONG! 11 plus feet of snow in the Sierra: rooftop cave ins, avalanches, accidents, major roads closed, ski resorts closed.)
The Winter 2016-2017 Precipitation Forecast according to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, points to La Nina for weather changes. It’s believed that the colder water temperatures may create a drought to South America and potential heavy rain/flooding to Australia and Indonesia.
I see more than less rain (mudslides, flooding) in the Pacific Northwest, and visions of snow and flight disruption in the northern Rockies, and Great Lakes. (Snow in these two regions, January 23) On the flip side, it may be drier than normal for the South. The Northeast and Midwest will also get more than less snowfall throughout the winter and into the spring. (UPDATE: RIGHT. Snow in both regions.) And crops in these regions as well as the South may be affected by weather changes, rising costs of produce.
European countries including Italy, Spain, and Germany may experience heavy rainfall and flooding in the winter, spring, or late fall.

·        Tornadoes and Hurricanes
Lack of snow or too much rain can cause problems just as twisters can do. This year tornadoes may hit in places like California to other odd regions on the West Coast—it’s no longer just a Midwest phenomenon. While 2016 experienced chilling hurricanes, 2017 may see more of the same. Another Katrina-type of event may happen in the Southeast, including Texas, Louisiana, and Florida during hurricane season.
The Gulf States and the Atlantic seaboard up north to New York and Maine are potential targets (not to forget the West Coast near Southern California to the Baja)). These states in particular may be facing fierce hurricanes with fierce water surges and levee challenges.

·        On the Fringe
As we deal with shaky ground and wild weather, other obstacles will keep us on guard. A shocking terrorist attack in Europe and America may happen, perhaps affecting a nuclear plant or earthquake fault. The catastrophe will maybe spawn martial law for safety and get worldwide attention; events may force us to bond more rather than divide.
In 2017, while political fallout will rumble throughout the states, earthshaking weather and other natural disasters will often steal the limelight and bring humans together for survival’s sake, rather than keep us apart and fighting one another. Despite the erratic Earth changes due to Mother Nature, and climate change, we will persevere and grow stronger as humanity prevails throughout the universe.

Spot-On 2016 Visions That Came True

*California did not fall into the sea like the San Andreas film portrayed, but we did get our fair shakes which could be foreshocks for 2017.
* Alaska was not rocked by a great earthquake, but it did get a widely felt 7.1 shake near Anchorage in January.
*  Japan was hit by a 6.9, triggering tsunami warnings (small waves did happen) in the same region Fukushima where it was devastated back in March 2011.
* The Southeast and Atlantic Seaboard did experience a Hurricane 5 and flooding in Eastern states, including the Carolinas which created historical flooding.
* An aggressive earthquake swarm did happen in the Salton Sea region of California—near the San Andreas and it had scientists and Californians on edge hoping it wasn’t leading up to the Big One.
(Exclusive...will be published Jan. 1 2017, Oracle 20/20 Magazine)

On Cue, California Rocks
December 28, at 12:18 a.m. and 12:22 a.m., a 5.8 and 5.7 hit Hawthorne, NV and was widely felt throughout NorCal and at South Lake Tahoe, I, the quake-sensitive was awakened by the strong jolts... Also, a 3.9 was reported felt in SoCal. December 27, a 3.2 shook San Juan Bautista (SAF)--a place with a history of a significant shaker!

Ring of Fire
December 26, 2016...On C2C AM, November 24, 2016 I noted a significant earthquake could happen on an upcoming holiday and the Pacific Ring of Fire was vulnerable: On December 25 Chile, 7.7; December 21 6.9 Japan off the coast; December 8 Solomon Islands,7.9; Offshore Northern California 6.5 (tsunami advisories cancelled)--all in the Ring of Fire. I noted (click on C2C link above that CA could have a significant earthquake in January 2017).

Posted on: November 21, 2016, 08:42:56 PM
In the upcoming days/weeks from now to Jan. 1...most likely sooner than later near Thanksgiving...not excluding Christmas or New Year's.
CA is still a possibility with Ring of Fire...which is active...NZ, Japan...AK or CA (any region). Or, perhaps, more for Japan, another great eq? 8.0 and/or Indian Ocean. Tsunami(s) will follow.
A major quake in the Ring of Fire, another noted above.
75% odds.
Forecast made Nov. 21, 2016 by Cal Orey -

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