Thursday, December 15, 2016

Chinese? DIY for Health's Sake

“As long as there's pasta and Chinese food in
 the world, I'm okay."
Michael Chang

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Chinese food. I remember paying $25 for Chinese--enough rice, veggies, fried shrimp, and two fortune cookies for two. The best part, homemade Chinese food costs less, and you can healthy it all up which is great...and perfect when it's too cold to go outside and easy to make during the hectic holidays.

Shrimp Stir fry

* * *
1 cup brown or white rice (more fluffy)
1 1/2 cups cruciferous vegetables mix, pre-cut
jumbo shrimp, pre-cooked (about 3-4 shrimp per person; warning high in cholesterol)
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
1 teaspoon butter
1/4 teaspoon ginger (optional)
garlic, chopped (optional)
pepper as desired

Simply follow the cooking rice instructions on the package. Sautee veggies in oil. Repeat with shrimp (no more than two minutes on medium heat). Fold in al dente vegetables and fish with rice. Serves four or makes four meals for one.

But don't stop there! Include antioxidant, immune boosting green tea. And for dessert serve chocolate dipped fortune cookies. This tasty and easy to cook meal cuts the price a lot. Rice is budget-friendly. A large bag of cruciferous vegetables is less than five dollars. The shrimp (low in saturated fat, a good protein, vitamin B12 and iron source)? I got more than less for five dollars. I always have green tea, olive oil, ginger, and pepper. Not to forget no MSG. The vegetables aren't tainted with a meat sauce.

And the cookies? And chocolate dipped fortune cookies--the traditional or festive ones--are frosting on a flavorful and healthy homemade Chinese meal. Buy them online ready to go or find in the Asian specialty foods aisle at your grocery store; dip in melted dark or white chocolate (premium chips in the microwave). 

Tip: Pick up a copy or two from the Healing Powers Series--more recipes-- via online or at your local bookstore. (Or order online an ebook 3.99 holiday sale The Healing Powers of Vinegar or The Healing Powers of Olive Oil for a cookie recipe).

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