Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Chocolate is Anti-Aging... Find Out How It Works Inside and Outside From Head to Toe

News Flash: Researchers Tout Chocolate Is Age-Defying

By Cal Orey, The Writing Gourmet

Is eating dark chocolate in moderation good for your skin? Can it make your face, arms, tummy, back, buttocks, legs and feet feel and appear younger looking and protect you from wrinkles?  (The Healing Powers of Chocolate is on sale! Ebook format 2.99 amazon, kobo, and barnes and

Studies past and present-- reported by "The Telegraph" have spawned a buzz about how a new chocolate can do the trick ["The Antioxidants Can Protect You From Wrinkles and More"]--showing that yes chocolate is skin-friendly. But as an age-conscious boomer and health-nutrition author edging towards the big 58th birthday I already knew that. In fact, fine chocolate without new, improved frills can work wonders...

Savoring 1.5 ounces of quality chocolate, 70% cocoa content with little sugar and little caffeine--and used on the outside of the body (chocolate infused beauty products) can certainly help smooth skin and leave it radiant because cocoa is rich in anti-aging antioxidants (also found in other superfoods, including fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and red wine).

When I did my research for The Healing Powers of Chocolate, I was treated to a chocolate bubble bath (think images of the oh so sensual solo bathtub scene in City of Angels as I did) and manicure at a four star  in Reno, NV. Not to forget two small homemade decadent chocolate truffles..But that's not all... Other posh spas offer skin treatments, such as: Chocolate Body Masque, Chocolate Fondue Wrap, Chocolate Facial, Chocolate Pedicure, Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Wrap, and Chocolate Scrub/Massage.

What's more, experts largely agree a healthy skin and glow is a reflection of your overall health and well-being. It goes back to moderation and diet. Eat nutrient dense, natural antioxidant-rich foods--this includes fine dark chocolate in moderation--exercise, and use sunscreen and forget the tan to avoid skin cancer and aging skin.

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Anti-Aging Antioxidants in Dark Chocolate

Catechin: can strengthen immune responses
Epicatechin: may stave off heart disease and diabetes
Flavonoids: may help to reduce bad "LDL" cholesterol
Resveratrol: may have anti-cancer properties
Tannins: nutrients that can stave off strokes and heart attacks

The bottom line: If you take care of the inner you the outer you will look younger from head to toe. Check out more good for you chocolate news and you'll be surprised to discover that quality chocolate in moderation does boast healing powers for you and your skin and overall health. 

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