Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Premonitions: Quakes, Big Waves, Rough Air

By Cal Orey

Before trip to Canada...traveling brings the kid out in me

I was booked for tea on Queen Mary; surf so
high people were warned to stay off the beaches
Tea Expo is in Las Vegas, June 2016
Flashback: In April, as an author of the Healing Powers series--I booked a flight from Reno-Tahoe International Airport to Los Angeles International Aiport. My destination was the World Tea Expo—the go-to convention for my next book, The Healing Powers of Tea (due next yr., finishing the 3rd edition of The Healing Powers of Vinegar).

Once planning my journey I received signs, hunches, and fears about leaving my home in the California Sierra. The sobering events that led up to May 5—the day of the event—unrolled one by one, and the odds of me going became more of a question: “Should I go?”  Vivid dreams, a nagging gut feeling, and eerie thoughts of possible happenings were hanging over me like a dark cloud.  Take a look at my premonitions before the trip to Southern California—and the end result…

A room with a view of the harbor, frolicking on
the beach, and tasting tea didn't happen
Rough Air to Southern California
The first warning was via e-mail. I got a message early April that the airline of my choice was changing the flight plan; putting me on two small aircraft—not one-- to Long Beach Airport. Due to the time change, I was issued a full refund. While sensing it was a cue not to go…I moved forward. I rebooked with another airline—bound to LAX—a larger airport, big aircraft to give me hope of less rough air.
I ended up adding an extra day to play at the ocean. The 15th floor hotel room overlooks the boat harbor. Being an avid swimmer, and water lover, excitement began to build. True, it wasn’t British Columbia or Quebec—places I traveled to in the past months--it was Southern California—my home back when I was twenty-something. While the flight arrangements felt right for a while, another shake-up in my plans of a perfect trip paid a visit.

Blindsided by Imminent Shakers…
Chatter about the debut of the San Andreas film on May 29 rattled my nerves. Californians were on edge that this was going to be the month of the “big one”.
Ironically, a swarm of small but felt earthquakes started in Southern California. It’s not that I haven’t experienced our Golden State’s shakers: I survived the 7.1 San Francisco earthquake in 1989; 6.2 Morgan Hill quake in 1984, and even a strong 4.8 jolt in Tahoe-Reno that I forecasted to the very day.
Not Vancouver, Canada but I used to live in
Southern California and was looking
forward to beach-going and tea
            But when news hit on April 24 that a 6.1 hit offshore British Columbia (where I was a month prior) and rattled the West Coast—that make me think.  Two days later, when a terrifying and deadly 7.8 earthquake rocked Nepal (near the China border), the outcome and my Asian earthquake forecast for 2015—it was unnerving.

…and a Full Moon, High Surf, Wild Weather
Due to the earthquake drama, I felt being up high in a hotel room didn’t feel safe. And a dream of a tsunami woke me up one morning. Early May my nightmare was coming true in a strange way. Waves up to 18 feet offshore Southern California were the talk and made international news.  Headlines read: “Big Waves Hit SoCal Beaches; High Surf Advisory In Effect.”  Tourists and locals were warned to stay off the beaches due to the dangerous rip currents and dangerous conditions for swimmers. A Carnival Cruise Ship was not allowed to dock at Long Beach and was diverted to San Diego. My fun in the sun beach fantasy was fading…
…as the weather reports rolled in. Instead of the warm eighty degree weather that’s normal for May in Long Beach, the forecasts were for cloudy skies and rain. At Lake Tahoe the snow gods decided to make a cameo appearance. All this precipitation can cause turbulence on a plane leaving the mountains and landing near the cloudy coast. I felt uneasy about moving forward with my seaside tea trip.

The Last Forewarning
I announced via social media, that if a 4.0 magnitude earthquake hit Southern California during the week I was scheduled to go South—I’d cancel the trip. On May 4th, the day I was scheduled to travel to Long Beach, at 4:07 A.M., a shallow 3.8 earthquake rattled a wide area of the L.A. basin. And I awoke to snowy grounds at Lake Tahoe.
That evening, I got a sense to call the airline and inquire about the flight plan I had canceled. I was told two of the four aircraft I would be boarding were downgraded. That means you lose First Class status, cramped plane—not good for a super sensitive who dislikes crowds and commotion. I exhaled. My instincts were right.
Do I have regrets by tuning into my premonitions and canceled? No.  When I made the decision to tune into my gut instincts I felt a sense of calm. On May 5 UPS delivered a large package. It was full of teas from a major tea company—another indication a keen sixth sense can be a gift not a curse.  

2014 Prediction Hits
Here are a few of my predictions that panned out and happened on cue as noted last January in Oracle 20/20:
*The Indian Ocean and/or an Asian country (Japan or China) may be challenged by earthquake and potential tsunami(s). [Japan, 6.5, May 30]
*A tsunami on the West Coast—whether it is from Alaska, or Southern California, or even in the Cascadia Subduction Zone from British Columbia, Canada to Northern California may happen as it has before in past history. [Alaska, 8.5]
* Some bizarre weather events may surprise people in the Gulf States, including flooding from rainstorms. [April 20, Gulf States affected by heavy rain, flash floods; May 25, Texas flooding.]
* The drought in California will most likely continue but it will see some relief from heavy rainfall throughout the Golden State. [El Nino is reported by scientists to bring snow in the fall.]

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