Sunday, June 14, 2015

Do You Believe in Good Omens? Frogs and Rabbits

By Cal Orey

Vancouver, Canada Aquarium Frog--a Good Omen
As the Healing Powers series author I do believe superfoods can and do enhance your health and well-being. Research and folklore backs up its good work--and a bit of luck, too. In some of these books I dish about feng shui and candles (in The Healing Powers of Honey and The Healing Powers of Coffee)--and have used this art in my environment.  And that's not all...
A rabbit connection

More than ever now I do believe in animal symbolism and its effects. Frogs to rabbits are considered to be good omens. Early June I faced a few obstacles that blindsided me.  As one who is resilient I went into pro-active mode. During this time, though, three rabbits crossed my path.

So one morning a brown rabbit was in the backyard of my neighbor's home when I was looking out the kitchen window.  A few days later, the rabbit was in my front yard--we made eye-to-eye contact. Then, two rabbits gave me a face-to-face and played chase around a tree...

Two Signs--Good Luck on Its Way
A few days later, my challenges were gone and victory was the end result. Could it have been due to these rabbits? There is no scientific proof but I've never seen rabbits in my neighborhood. Plus, I find the turnaround of events is extremely uncanny. So, I'm giving a heartfelt thank you and have real gratitude linked to these creatures who are gone but remain in my soul.

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  1. My friend had seven rabbits cross his path quite calmly today. Hope it really is a good omen!