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Unthinkable Earth Changes: Yellowstone and San Andreas Fault

I Can Feel the Earth Move…


Imagine this chilling scenario: Superpower Russia calls for Moscow to launch a nuclear attack on Yellowstone National Park and the San Andreas Fault knowing that the end result would be deadly consequences in America. So, this recent threat made by a Russian analyst created a ruckus in the media because we know attacks on the Yellowstone supervolcano and granddaddy fault line would be catastrophic. Read on to find out how nuking iconic regions could affect you.

Strike 1: San Andreas Fault

San Andreas Fault and Salton Sea--Deadly Link
For starters, the San Andreas Fault (SAF)—the culprit of the 1906 is a vulnerable fault line that runs from Northern California to Southern California is likely to ignite another great quake without the help of superpowers at war. Geologists and seismologists all know too well that the Golden State is overdue for a major to great quake. Researchers monitor stress that is building up and will be released within the next 30 years—most likely sooner.

April 30, widely felt shallow minor eq
Greater LA, near Long Beach--near

same fault of 1933 LB quake
Despite Russian nuke chat about the SAF, California is moving horizontally northwest toward Alaska as it slides past central and eastern California. The dividing point is the San Andreas Fault system, which extends from the Salton Sea in the south to Cape Mendocino in the north. This 800-mile long fault is the boundary between the Pacific plate and the Northern plate. The Pacific plate is moving to the northwest with respect to the Northern American plate at about two inches each year. But note, while people joke about California falling into the sea, this isn’t likely to happen.
Instead, a more realistic happening is when the built-up pressure is released on the SAF, landslides, tsunamis, collapsed infrastructure, and fires will happen as did in 1989, after the major Loma Prieta aka World Series earthquake hit near the San Andreas Fault. And if major bridges and freeways collapse in the Golden State this would have a ripple effect on United States economy. And it doesn’t stop there…

Strike 2: Yellowstone Caldera
So what exactly is the threat of Yellowstone National Park if it is nuked? Keep in mind, it has had signs of past volcanism and super tremors. In fact, in 2002 after Alaska was rocked by a 7.9 earthquake, hundreds of quakes followed in less than a day.  Scientists believe events, like earthquakes and volcanoes, can be linked by a trigger effect. On the big screen, the film “2012” depicts a great Southern California earthquake happens first while strange happenings are already ongoing at Yellowstone, which blows right after the shocking shaker. In real life this scenario doesn’t seem that far-fetched.
Worse, some geologists believe if a supervolcano happens it will not be another mega-eruption of mid-Pleistocene time. However, if and if Yellowstone blows we can expect grave consequences. Anyone living in the immediate region would be buried in ash and burned by fire and life would cease. As the ash fallout spreads, from state to state, it would affect airline flights, animal food and crops, and result in a volcanic winter—no sun and temperatures would drop drastically. The United States as we know it would be gravely affected for a long time.

Strike 3: War Games
Indeed, California is overdue for a major earthquake and Yellowstone caldera could erupt again. Neither of these regions needs a nuclear nudge with a nuclear strike, since Mother Nature and history repeats can be cruel, too.  It’s not about “if” the San Andreas will rupture or Yellowstone will blow, it’s when it will happen. And no one knows the answer.
So, the question remains: Will Russia nuke the SAF and Yellowstone? If so, it is likely the U.S. would strike back. Remember the film “War Games”? Nobody wins in a nuclear war. The bottom line: an attack on these two vulnerable regions in our country is a ridiculous scare tactic that scares.

Here Comes the San Andreas Shocker Film
On May 29 a new movie will be released. The trailer shows a great earthquake occurs south of San Francisco. We hear the words that the consequences will be felt around the nation as scenes of disaster and chaos spread like wildfire. The visual effects are eye-opening to captivate movie goers. Ironically, the great astrologer Nostradamus suggested a great earthquake may happen between April 21 and May 21, but the year is not noted.
Victor Baines, an expert of Nostradamus’ quatrains, decodes one: “The Sun 20 degrees of Taurus” suggests May 10, the 20th day of the sun sign of Taurus: “A mighty trembling of the earth” could be a mighty earthquake, polar shift, or natural disaster… “the great theater” may be an allusion to the old Roman theaters in Rome, or perhaps a reference to a military theater. This event, possibly the eruption of volcanoes combined with earthquakes, “darkens and troubles the air and sky and land.” Could nuclear blasts be a remote possibility here?  

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