Saturday, April 25, 2015

End of April Changes from Author's POV

By Cal Orey
It is a Saturday morning April 25. Last month this date I was in Vancouver, British Columbia. Yesterday, a 6.1 powerful earthquake struck offshore Canada and plenty of aftershocks were discussed in the news. I sensed this could happen and had forecasted that it would do just that. I dodged the shaker but it doesn't mean West Coast earthquakes in the future linked to the Cascadia Subduction Zone or SAF (as I noted on Coast to Coast AM) aren't in the picture...
City view, aquarium, tea rooms, swimming
in Vancouver, CA March 22-25

5. On the Fringe
  During wacky weather and climate chaos around the globe, it’s almost guaranteed strange happenings will occur in strange places that will be surprising. A dormant volcano may erupt; more tornadoes in non-twister states may make the news. An earthquake swarm in the Midwest or California could end up being a strong shaker making international news.  A tsunami on the West Coast—whether it is from Alaska, or Southern California, or even in the Cascadia Subduction Zone from British Columbia, Canada to Northern California may happen as it has before in past history. 
--excerpt Oracle 20/20 Magazine, Earth Changes article Jan. 2015

MORE EARTHQUAKES, I FORECASTED TAURUS: CHINA-INDIA BORDER...Today I, like others, awoke to the AOL homepage sobering headline. A great deadly earthquake hit Nepal. More than 1000 people are dead due to the natural disaster. Earthquake sensitives were sensing shaking and still are sensing California and/or the West Coast may be next in line. I'm one of those people who others ignore or ridicule. 

A Mixed Bag of Predictions for 2015: 
1. Earthquakes
* The West Coast did experience a few notable shakers but 2015 may deliver even stronger earthquakes. A 7.0 magnitude (or larger) is likely to strike the San Andreas Fault either in the San Francisco Bay Area or Southern California (near water, including the Pacific Ocean or Salton Sea).
 * Europe may be rocked by an extremely shallow and destructive great earthquake in Italy, Greece or Turkey.
* The Indian Ocean and/or an Asian country (Japan or China) may be challenged by earthquake and potential tsunami(s). 
--excerpt Oracle 20/20 Magazine, Earth Changes article Jan. 2015

April 25 snow in the sierras
WACKY WEATHER: Last night I made a big fire in the big old rock fireplace. A bit odd to do this in the last week of April but not so strange at Lake Tahoe.

 This a.m. I also awoke to snow-covered pine trees and ground. It will melt fast. Sadly, the snowfall and rain will do little to remedy our severe California drought. The thought of wildfire season year-round is troublesome. Been there, done that. What can we do? A drought is a drought and we've endured it for three years. Being on guard and prepared is the drill just like for earthquakes...
Will escape working tea people to play

SHAKERS...In two weeks I'm booked to fly to Long Beach. Still on the fence if I'm going or staying put in the sierras. I suppose if it's a possible California earthquake that is keeping me from going it is a bit absurd. A quake could happen in Northern California, too--SF Bay Area or Tahoe. Back in December when a tree fell on the cabin--nothing happened to me.  When your expiration date is up, it's up. So going with the flow is probably this best thing to do.

THE REPLACEMENTS: Last Sunday I lost Marley, my beloved happy pleco. I still miss the fish-human bond. He made me happy. The next day, I replaced him with two new bottom feeders. This duo seem attached (related or perhaps because they are from the same aquarium); I'm keeping distance and guarding my heart. And speaking of God's creatures, I am already feeling that void if I go to Southern California I'll be leaving the cat and two dogs-- my boys. It's likely more challenging for me than them but I'm sure we all will feel the change and void. So far, these nocturnal fish seem to be doing fine with the goldfish. No names until I know they're here for the long term.

WORKING ON VINEGAR, 3RD ED.: So, I've been updating The Healing Powers of Vinegar
In the kitchen baking and cooking; inputting new, improved vinegary recipes is what I've been doing throughout the weeks. I perfected a variety of scones and vinegar(s) played a role for a drop scone like I enjoyed in British Columbia.  
And so it goes. I have dozens of tea types (in my pantry and study closet) to sip and savor in the weeks to come. Wondering if I'll keep my reservation and go to the World Tea Expo. Meanwhile, it's time to make a cup of tea, shower, dress, go to the store, walk the dogs, and ignore the snow. It'll melt. After all, it's Spring. 

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