Saturday, April 4, 2015

Author's Personal Notes of Pre-Easter Book Signing

By Cal Orey
"There's no place like home." -- Wizard of Oz

Happy at Roseville Barnes and Noble--they called me
a "favorite local author" in PR after Nov. 15

(I realized the Sierra is part of me as an author and 
coming home again was the best part)

Today I was awakened at 5:25 A.M. by my two dogs. In their canine minds it was time to get up, do their business, eat, and savor another day. After several minutes of hoping it was a dream, I crawled out of bed and performed tricks upon command like any dedicated dog owned by two loving pooches. However, we returned to bed until about 7:30 and then the morning began. It was time for another book signing at Barnes and Noble.  Coffee, shower, day bags for each dog, feed kitty, and I dressed in jeans, a white tee, black leather vest, combat boots, and an infinity scarf from Montreal (a gift from my fall trip) for a book signing event at Roseville, California, near the capitol of our Golden State. By 10:30 A.M. the boys were dropped off at the kennel and we were on the road. Day outings, like this one, are often done with my sibling. The long, out of country trips? I savor those solo. We made good time and arrived in SAC at noon. 

Hello Again, Roseville Barnes and Noble: Once entering the store I walked up to the Customer Service area. A poster and books--lots of books--of my Healing Powers Series greeted me. I was told that The Healing Powers of Chocolate had sold out days before. One buyer was arriving to have me sign each one. Chocolate power.
Next up it was brought to my attention that sitting in the cafe would be fruitful for the author, bookstore, and patrons. I was game, especially after seeing a poster of my book The Healing Powers of Coffee on the counter in the food and coffee area. Treated to a complimentary latte and savory scone, I sat down at a table with more than less of my books, including The Healing Powers of Honey and The Powers of Olive Oil.
Today, it was the male customers who purchased Coffee books--and this makes me happy. When I was assigned to write the book, my former editor believed this book would attract men (of all ages).  It was a hit in this store.
And some women whom I spoke to today were interested in weight loss. Again, The Healing Powers of Coffee book was my first choice, Olive Oil second. (But it truly was a Sophie's Choice decision.) Yet my coffee book was featured in the cover story of Woman's World Magazine and the two page spread focused on a woman losing 42 pounds!

Signing Books: It feels strange to sign books for people. Actually, since age 8 after my poem "School Days" was published I knew I would be an author. But when I was kid, a grad student, and after college paying my dues as a magazine journalist, I never thought about the world of author events at bookstores. I suppose I should be more creative when I sign my name. Often people will ask me to address it to a family member, friend or to them. Sometimes amusing and thoughtful words are also requested for me to include on the pages of the books I wrote.  Folks like me to include the current date, too. I oblige. Does it mean the book is worth more when I go to author heaven? Note to self: Find out if this factoid is a fact or myth.

Books, Chocolate, Books
This signing could have been one where rows of chairs faced me; two women arrived and requested it from me. I could have easily read anecdotes and followed with a Q and A format as I did in this store back in 2002 and 2006 for 202 Pets' Peeves and The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes. But the meet and greet deal worked fine. Some of the conversations were enlightening and personable. What's more, last November I was told a week after the book event, dozens of my books sold after I left. So, I anticipate people will buy more again, perhaps even tomorrow.

The Promise:  Made a promise to my dear two-year-old Aussie. Last night I told him we'd have a busy day Saturday but I would come home before 6:00 P.M. He got it. Australian Shepherds are brainiacs: He knows how to give me a high five, shake, bear hug, lick kitty, give me kitty's collar, and catch a Frisbee with ease. The only woe is he tries to herd strangers when we're on the road in the car.  (I paid for brushing his double dense coat, extra walks); and my Brittany had a quick exam and walkies, too.)  
The traffic picked up at 5:30 P.M. It was close. We were told via cell phone everyone was leaving at six 'o clock. Chances were we weren't going to make it.  A dogless night and Easter. I didn't want to wait until 3 P.M. Sunday to pick up my kids. I craved an all night and morning group fur fix.

I forecasted to my brother who didn't think we'd make it in time (despite when I called the verdict didn't look promising),  it would be a 50-50 chance someone would still be there. We arrived at 6:04. Dogs were rescued in the nick of time. So tonight I am pleased. I accomplished a book signing (despite a pesky face rash from the elements: going from Seattle-Vancouver, Canada with its humidity, chlorine in pool/hot tub at hotel,  back to cold, dry Tahoe), and kept my word despite my vanity of sporting clear skin without makeup. We are all whooped. It's just another day in an author's life. Done.
Marley chills and is active if I come or go

Zen is Zen-like but loves me home
Tomorrow, I will enjoy the new fluffy green comforter I brought home from Roseville. It will be a day of baking for the 3rd edition of VINEGAR and the forthcoming book on TEA.  

The weather people tell us to prepare for snow. Images of bringing in firewood, making a fire, and smelling apricot and current scones in the oven will be heavenly. And, of course, my fur friends will be amid me the special day that is an important one to people around the world. 
No ham, scalloped potatoes, and bunny cake this year. Just a whole lot of gratitude for living in the moment.

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