Thursday, April 16, 2015

Californian Ponders Life in the Shaky State

By Cal Orey

Late fall at book signing, Late spring convention
Today is Thursday in the California sierras and I am counting my workaday blessings complete with the happenings of the day.  I learned that you don't always get what you want when you want it, as the classic Stones' song goes, but you do get what you need--sooner or later.  That includes book projects, flight plans, recipes, dogs of your dreams, or dodging a West Coast megaquake on a trip and living to tell the tale.

 Back in the water for April-May

Going Swimming:... At last, I joined the resort for another month at one of Lake Tahoe's resorts. The pool and hot tub at last were perfect temperature and both were all mine during off season, a time when tourists are AWOL and the town is quiet. Bliss as it was two weeks ago when I was loving life in Vancouver, British Columbia, I do prefer to swim outdoors but an indoor pool works. 
Since I was a kid and my dad taught me to swim, I've always loved water. Lakes, rivers, oceans, and pools. Not to forget rain, thunderstorms, and fog--something I haven't seen for a long time but welcomed it in Seattle.  It's zen-like.
My firstborn is getting a makeover

Vinegar, 3rd Edition:... I've been working on The Healing Powers of Vinegar and today a breakthrough happened. The new and improved recipes dilemma has been solved. 
Into the kitchen 
What's more, not only will I be including more of my own tried and true faves, but other gems came through from the creative cooks who I admire.  It was a good day for putting together a book that I penned back in 1999 and surprisingly ended up being popular around the globe. 

Coast to Coast AM:... Last night I was a News Segment Guest on the live radio show. Topic matter was to give my words on if a supervolcano is ready to blow, as European scientists seem to believe. I tuned into my gut (I'm no volcano expert) and it was an easy read. Megaquake first, most likely on the West Coast...then a trigger effect could happen and if the Yellowstone caldera erupts--game over. 
I don't sense this is going to happen today or tomorrow. But anyone who lives on shaky ground or the Ring of Fire understands these two regions are overdue for Earth changes. Sure, I know my scenario is one that was used in the doomsday film 2012 but some grounded scientists do believe in the trigger effect, dtoo, when it comes to quakes and volcanoes. I noted back in 2002, after Alaska was hit by an almost great quake, less than 24 hours later, Yellowstone was slammed with 200 tremors. Can you say "link"? UPDATE: April 17, a 6.5-6.8 hit Fiji region. Some quake sensitives believe our Golden State shakes after. 

Baking an Apple Pie:... Late in the afternoon after swimming, I cut Granny Smith apples. I'm talking a lot of green apples. I was on a mission to make a mile-high apple pie. I did it. Note to self: Do not cut into warm pie. Wait until it rests. One more recipe for the book. The fridge is stuffed with fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, dried fruit, buttermilk, and yogurt because I'm going back into the kitchen to make more California-style superfood dishes infused with West Coast flair. And I've been sipped tea, lots of tea--all kinds while beginning the research for The Healing Powers of Tea.
Out in the field to mingle in Teaworld

Aussie turns 2 1/2 May 1 but
still is a pup to me
World Tea Expo:...  I am registered as an author. My hotel room and flight are booked. The boys have their place at the kennel but...something is bothering me. I'm doing the Libra flip flop. I want to go. I do. But part of me wants to stay home and play with my senior Brittany and fun-loving Aussie.

I confess the airline just called me back. There is a slim chance they will change the flight plan--if so, then it will be another sign to not go. Why exactly am I hesitant?
For one, the first airline I was booked with changed planes on me. Not good. I was rewarded with a 100 percent refund. Then, with the second, preferred airline I got all big aircraft and switched to LAX, which gave me peace of mind. But that's not all...

May 29,  San Andreas released
The saying "A tree could fall on you" finally came true
Blame it on San Andreas, the film due out in the month of May. And add the shallow, widely felt quakes that have been happening in Greater Lost Angeles. To make things more complicated, I booked my room on a high floor overlooking the harbor. I feel this is a bit odd. Did you know they have those tsunami signs on the Pacific Coast Hwy.? And TV doesn't help. Channel surfing the other night I stopped at "Why Planes Crash"; didn't need to watch the back to back episodes while nestled on the waterbed between my protective fur kids. 
And the tea people? Well, they're connecting with me as I sit in my safe cabin. (Forget the tree that fell on it in December; and the blackout.) I don't have to go south and play on the beach, right? Okay. This is what I vow to do. If the chosen airline sends me an e-mail claiming the flight plan has changed with smaller aircraft--I'm out. If not, I'll be in Long Beach as planned. I'll be the one with the helmet, orange life jacket, swimming suit, and sunburn.

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