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2015 Predictions from Author-Intuitive

By Cal Orey

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I Feel the Earth Move…

By Cal Orey

The New Year is here. On the upside, no global doomsday scenarios for the world happened and we are here for more ups and downs, thanks to Mother Nature. Talk of global warming is hot as people endure bizarre events, from extreme cold, coastal flooding, odd happenings leaving us to wonder: “What’s next?”
            While 2015 may feel like a rollercoaster ride with its erratic Earth changes, including earthquakes, wacky weather, wildfires, mudslides, and flooding, it will not be all doom and gloom. When nature tosses us lemons, large and small communities to single humans and animals survive, move forward, and bounce back.  Take a look at my intuitive images for the New Year.

A Mixed Bag of Predictions for 2015
1. Earthquakes
* The West Coast did experience a few notable shakers but 2015 may deliver even stronger earthquakes. A 7.0 magnitude (or larger) is likely to strike the San Andreas Fault either in the San Francisco Bay Area or Southern California (near water, including the Pacific Ocean or Salton Sea).
 * Europe may be rocked by an extremely shallow and destructive great earthquake in Italy, Greece or Turkey.
* The Indian Ocean and/or an Asian country (Japan or China) may be challenged by earthquake and potential tsunami(s).

2. Weather Events
The drought in California will most likely continue but it will see some relief from heavy rainfall throughout the Golden State. More severe winter temperatures in the Northeast can be expected with coastal flooding. Some bizarre weather events may surprise people in the Gulf States, including flooding from rainstorms to a strong hurricane, followed by another. Springtime flooding/mudslides will affect regions throughout the world that were blanketed by heavy snowfall. The California-Nevada and/or Pacific Northwest will get more rain than it has in the past few years which is a good thing due to the recent historic drought.

3. Economy
While 2014 proved to be beneficial financially for a lot of Americans coming out of the Great Recession, some industries will tank and jobs will be lost. Other countries will deal with financial instability and it will affect the U.S.  Seniors will be forced to continue working to keep up the cost of living but because Americans are living longer, healthier lives this won’t be considered a bad thing and it will be actually embraced by people of all ages (ageism will still exist but as we experience the graying of America it will not be as accepted). Seniors will gain respect for physical and mental capabilities.

4. On the Fringe
So, during wacky weather, it’s almost guaranteed strange happenings will occur in places that will be surprising. A dormant volcano may erupt; more tornadoes in non-twister states may make the news. An earthquake swarm in the Midwest or California could end up being a strong shaker making international news.  A tsunami on the West Coast—whether it is from Alaska, or Southern California, or even in the Cascadia Subduction Zone from British Columbia, Canada to Northern California may happen as it has before in past history.

In 2015, the year will seem like a sequel to the film The Day After Tomorrow with crazy climate but as usual humanity will deal and move forward. Weather gurus to seismologists will tell you it’s difficult to forecast what nature will do and when. After listening to so many predictions gone bad, I have to agree. So, you can use my general predictions as a guide, but take a peek at this historical source for the region you’re interested in, too, as I did. Whatever happens in the New Year, be prepared for anything. And note, whatever Mother Nature does, it will pass, as our grandmothers would say to us during the best and worst of times.

Excerpt from Oracle 20/20 Magazine

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