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Lose Body Fat (and more) with Healing Oils

By Cal Orey
Hundreds of feel-good secrets for your 
mind, body, spirit  in the new book
The Healing Powers of Olive Oil
health-y author
practices what she preaches!
Did you know olive oil isn’t the only healing oil that provides home cures that can work for you? There are so many different cooking oils with amazing do-it-yourself cures. Sure, some of these remedies are folk lore, others like coconut oil (touted by celebs that use it for a variety of its health perks) come with anecdotal evidence, and some such as canola oil are backed up by a stamp of approval from medical researchers.
Superfoods/recipes to lose lbs year round with oils and butter!
After I wrote the first edition of The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, I used extra virgin olive oil for home cures, including an earache, cracked skin, to a spider bite and wasp sting—all culprits that have paid me a visit while I enjoy the mountain lifestyle. These days, my kitchen pantry is stocked with other oils, too, including coconut oil and macadamia nut oil—that can and does the job.
Pairing healing oils inside the body and outside the body is the best way to get the best results from head to toe. So, take a look at some of these healing oils including almond oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, hemp seed oil, macadamia nut oil, red palm oil, sesame oil and canola oil that can be used in cooking but also as home cures. Do consult with your health care practitioner before using any new healing oil for an ailment. (And don’t forget, olive oil can also be used for most if not all of these home remedies, too.)  (More in the new book released this month to help you slim down, healthy up for Spring!)

1. BLOAT (Beating water weight with the best oil) Back pain is a pain but feeling and looking bloated isn’t just a cosmetic woes Years ago, I wrote an article on fat-burning foods. Popcorn was one of the 14 edibles. It’s high in fiber, low-fat,  low-cal, no trans fat especially if you lose the fake butter and salt. It’s a super stress relieving food because of the crunch, and it can help you to get rid of extra water weight, too.
What Oil Remedy to Use: Drizzle 1 or 2 tablespoons of warmed up red palm oil on top of 2 cups of air popped popcorn.
Why You’ll Like It:  Pairing red palm oil with nutritious popcorn is going to give you a double punch of nutrients. This oil contains antioxidant vitamins A and E. Plus, it has a buttery flavor that’ll titillate your taste buds and combined with fiber-rich popcorn will fill you up not out.  As a popcorn lover, I did give this healing oil recipe a go and discovered it was different, and gave it an exotic flair.
Size 2-4, 117 lbs thanks to healing oils, butter and
the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle

2. BODY FAT (Fighting pudge by enjoying fatty oils) Did you know extra weight and body fat can trigger back pain? It can. And adding good fat to your diet can help you lose unwanted fat and lower your body mass index.  Move over olive oil like avocado oil and macadamia oil can to help you to burn fat and lose unwanted pudge. These oils boost your energy, too. and boast fat-burning components such as CCK, a hormone that signals your brain that your brain that you're full and should stop eating. Good fats also contain omega fatty acids which are essential for fat metabolism. (I discuss this more in the revised updated book on olive oil.)
What Oil Remedy to Use: Opt for variety including avocado oil or macadamia oil in a salad full of fat-burning seasonal vegetables.
Why You’ll Like It: These two oils taste different than olive oil so you’ll get a nice change as well as the monounsaturated fats that’ll give you the feeling of satisfaction after a small meal. (I share dozens of tips in different chapters and dozens of heart healthy comfort food recipes on how to lose pounds and body fat in the NEW book The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, Revised and Updated.) Highlights include, Combining Olive Oil and Vinegar, Real Weight Loss Success Stories (a doctor who uses light olive oil and a busy mom who savors vinegar and oil), 15 Diet-Plateau Blasters, and The Olive Oil Diet--and much more to help you shed pounds and body fat during the New Year for a New You on into Spring, Summer and forever without feeling hungry!
3. CANKER/COLD SORES   (Ending sores faster with the right oil) Backaches to body fat can wreak havoc on your overall health and well-being, while canker sores or small ulcers in the mouth can cause big pain for days and make a backache seem like a walk in the park (well sort of). If you’ve ever fall victim to one of these mean-spirited sores it’s likely you’d be willing to try anything to get rid of the ache.
What Oil Remedy to Use: Rinse with warm salt water. Then, with cotton swab dab a bit of coconut oil (from a capsule or jar) or extra virgin olive oil on the canker sore. Repeat three times a day.
Why You’ll Like It: It’s soothing like any oil. But because it’s thicker is adheres to your skin better and offers a coating. If you can keep your tongue off the ulcer (this is a task!), it will heal faster. Coconut oil contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Also, unlike bad tasting over-the-counter remedies, coconut oil tastes good.
4. CRACKED FEET  (Creating smooth feet with a natural oil) You may think canker sores are painful, but if you ever fall victim to alligator skin-like rough, red, weathered, feet with crevices—you may rather deal with the mouth malady. Cracked feet are an unsightly cosmetic problem, but crevices can turn into health issues, too. Inflammation can lead to pain when walking, wearing shoes, and even to an infection. This, in turn, means a small problem like cracked feet end up being a big problem. Dry skin on the soles of your feet, are more common in colder months where there is a lack of humidity.
What Oil Remedy to Use: Try using two coconut capsules topically once a day, preferably before bedtime. Break open each capsule and rub the creamy oil generously on the bottoms of both feet. Cover with 100 percent cotton socks. Repeat daily.
Why You’ll Like It: Coconut oil is a known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It can help hydrate and soothe painful skin irritations, including cracked feet. Not only does it work, but the texture and aroma of this oil is a pleasant surprise and a miracle worker.
5. FATIGUE (Ending lack of energy by consuming oil-rich foods) Enjoying a healthy crowning glory is nice, and feeling tired is not nice no matter how thick and shiny your locks may be. Sweet coconut oil can help give you a pick-me-up. It’s a healthy saturated fat—touted to be a natural source of medium chain triglycerides, which are gobbled up by your body to give it a boost of energy.
What Oil Remedy to Use: Add one or two teaspoons in a cold, fresh seasonal fruit smoothie.
Why You’ll Like It: If you’re trying to lose weight, coconut oil can help energize you and provide a feeling of fullness. This, in turn means if you use it in a smoothie, stir-fry, or even a small baked muffin (see Recipes Section) you will get physical and burn off calories and fat and not feel deprived.
6. INSOMNIA  (Getting shut-eye by including oil in your diet) Bites will heal but if you don’t get adequate sleep your well-being will suffer and be worse the a bug bite. Sleep restores and replenishes your body and mind. Lack of sleep depletes energy and frazzles nerves. And lack of adequate zzzs may compromise your immune system and lower your resistance to illness.
While I often can fall asleep within five minutes to the purr of a cat, I am human and have fallen victim to the cycles of sleeplessness. Some doctors believe PMS and menopause (yes, I’m a survivor of both female culprits) my cause shifts in hormonal balances and trigger a bout of insomnia. For moderate insomnia, healing oils combined with good bedtime habits can be a godsend if you don’t want to watch infomercials all night long.
What Oil Remedy to Use:  Try a light dinner with a stir-fry or ice cream with sesame oil and lavender olive oil.
Why You’ll Like It: Lavender relaxes the nervous system. It’s calming and relaxing. Sesame oil is high omega-6s. It’s not only a natural sedative used in food, if you are lucky enough to have a partner willing to give you  massage, lavender oil and sesame oil can penetrate the skin and help relax you, too. 

So much more info in 368 pages of the revised and updated book--The Healing Powers of Olive Oil
Deliciously healing surprises. . ..
The art of using olive oil for mind, body, and spirit goes back 6,000 years. Hippocrates, "the father of medicine," used olive oil in over 60 healing remedies.
New research confirms that olive oil can help lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes, and it can stall age-related diseases.
Combining olive oil with other oils (like coconut and macadamia nut oils), can help combat fatigue, infections, and insomnia, and help you fight fat and shape up!
Bring on the butter--especially the right kind and right amount. When paired with oils, this twentieth-century "forbidden" saturated fat is a new twenty-first-century health food.
"Orey gives kudos to olive oil--and people of all ages will benefit from her words of wisdom." --Dr. Will Clower, CEO Mediterranean Wellness

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