Friday, January 16, 2015

Author Dishes on 2015 Surreal Shake-ups

By Cal Orey
Before Quebec trip, anticipating B.C. in March

Jan. 3 Reno Barnes and Noble book signing-
a sign to move?
January was going to be a super wonderful month for me. After all, I planned a trip to Seattle for a Barnes and Noble book signing with a Canada trip to follow for new book research. Little did I foresee a big challenge on the homestead.  (I know, if I was psychic why didn't I see it coming. But I did get bad vibes and tried to get someone else to do the job of fixing a mystery leak in the bathroom.)  Sadly, I lost my dignity, well-being and more despite my intuition. The bathroom re-do didn't take two to five days, as projected, it took 14 days of mere hell.  Funny, I didn't get physically sick (my two dogs are sneezing) but I am secretly fantasizing about seeing a compassionate shrink who knows magic. 

MOVING ON... I'm certain I will get over the Lifetime movie material of a bathroom remodel gone bad that ended up victimizing a single woman whose home for 15 years was taken hostage by a handyman for two weeks. I'm on day 7 of cleaning up the mess in every room, on the deck, back and front yard. Think volcano eruption and ash falling everywhere. Not to forget gashes on my furniture and things here and there and not where they're supposed to be. 
I did have to move my trip until March. I followed my flight plan/hotels and got the same deal, more or less. Done. The manager at Barnes and Noble bookstore in Bellevue couldn't have been more understanding. 

I still feel queasy when I relive the hardship I/my pets went through, including sleeping with a crawl space open for many nights, heat turned on to 90 degrees, dogs kenneled on holidays when no work was done, and my living space called "home" converted into a workshop. Give me a few more days of licking my wounds and wiping up the dust and coping with nightmarish flashbacks that unfolded each day. I think I do earthquakes better. Nature can be cruel but man-made shake-ups are unforgivable.
Vancouver in early Spring is booked for me

Meanwhile, I'll begin research for the third edition of VINEGAR and collect research for my next Healing Powers Series secret project. So, busy is the word. I lost three weeks out of my life but I'm resilient and I do believe in karma, whether it be in this life time or next. 

COAST TO COAST AM... In the past two weeks, I've been called upon to be the News Segment Guest. I dished info on the Southern California earthquake and the odd quake swarm in the Northeast. I did note that I sensed an earthquake would happen near water and blindside folks (as I was during the bathroom re-do). Today, a 4.0 hit Quebec (my fave place to go and where I went last September) and water but only "moderate"--so that my not be it. Best advice: Be prepared wherever you are.
My fave province rocked today

Swam today to regain my well-being
GETTING MY LIFE BACK...I've given myself a break from the psychic networks as well as What's Cookin' at Callie's Cabin since I was displaced for weeks. Now in between cleaning up the man-made mess and getting centered I will try and refocus.

My feline got me through it
I have to give credit to Zen, my beloved cat who stayed centered through the entire fiasco (Day 1 was an exception--it was too much stress for my cat). 

I will never forget this ordeal that rocked my family's world, but one day I will find out why it happened. Until then, it's picking up the pieces and being grateful that life goes on. 

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