Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pre-New Year Thrills for Author and Pets

By Cal Orey
Book signings follow home challenge
As we edge near 2015 I'm feeling a mixed bag of emotions, perhaps like you, and other people around the world. Some of the hoops I must jump through are not so big but others are a bit intimidating. It's probably because of fear of the unknown can be a beast until we face it head-on. Overwhelmed? You could say that. I have those butterflies I get before being a guest on Coast to Coast or leaving early in the morning to catch an outbound flight. 
D-Day:  Today is the day. A tiny crevice on the bathroom floor has turned into a spooky sign of a "mystery leak" into the Twilight Zone. Now, if it were just me it would be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, I share my rustic home with two Type A and very sensitive dogs and one super laid back Siamese cat who likes his cozy space(s).  So instead of kenneling, moving 'em to the back house, crate on top of crate seems to be the best choice. 

Imagine: Workmen who you do not know coming into your dwelling and their goal is to tear up the room where you shower, dress, and do your private business. Worse, not sure what they'll find. However, I do sense the leak is linked to wall, thanks to the ice dam back in the day when we got sierra snow; and the recent downpour of rain didn't help. After all, this is a cabin built more than a half century ago. I think I'm better preserved. And the crawl space--will it be covered or will all the creepy crawlers come into the house tonight? Enter Stephen King novel...
So my goal is to make this ordeal as painless as possible. That probably won't happen. I've read dozens of articles on "Should we stay?" and "Should we go?"--both have pros and cons. Between you and me, I'd rather have a root canal. But I'm sure we will all survive despite the disruption that may take anywhere from two-five days or more if it turns into a monster movie.  I should remove everything in the bathroom but I just can't bear to begin the process. What if they find underground creatures lurking under the floor or in the wall? My college counselor told me most "what ifs" don't happen. But he isn't here now. So, it's me, the critters against the unknown.
Zen thought new book arrivals was novelty...
it hasn't even begun

Next Book Signing:  Once this home event is done and we all survive the chaos (we will, right?), it's onward to Reno for the Barnes and Noble book signing. I have been at this store countless times.  Signings are like a box of chocolates, as noted in the film Forrest Gump.  It's true, you never know what you're going to get.  It can be filled with interested people or feel like a ghost town and the author sits in a chair all alone wishing and waiting for a fan to pay a visit. Either way I'm up for sharing the Healing Power Series at this bookstore and in Seattle.

Not sure how BC can compare to Quebec
I am looking forward to the
Seattle book
Goodbye California. Early 2015 it's on the road again. Off to the Pacific Northwest. At last I printed out my flight, hotels, and other information. For some reason I cannot print out the perfect airline ticket so I have to get it at the airport. This time around, I vow to pack light, no baggage to check. It's too stressful to drag stuff around, worry about it getting lost, and then unable to decide what to wear or when to wear it. Read: I broke one of my bags because it was overstuffed.

One day at a time. Bathroom demolition. Book signing. Trip out of the country. We can do this.  It's a walk in the park, right? Talk to me at the end of January and I'll give you the scoop. Poor kitty. His litter box will be moved temporarily. He will be crated. Mantra: "This too shall pass." Hey, his name is Zen--he can do this. I wish I was pet-less during these challenges but then when it's all over there would be a huge void in this old house, especially when I begin to write my next book.  Who would I talk to?

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