Thursday, December 4, 2014

Seattle-Vancouver Book Event(s)--Its Coffee and Tea Time

By Cal Orey
All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
I'm standing here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn
The taxi's waiting, he's blowin' his horn

Already I'm so lonesome I could cry -- John Denver

I will read excerpts from
lots of intimate stories

It's December, chilly, rainy, pre-winter at Lake Tahoe.. I like this time of year because it's not too crowded with tourists. Black ice is less than more. True, we did get snow but not at Lake level. The drought continues in the Golden State. But ponding on streets, like where I live, exists from the recent rain. Weather forecasts and more Earth changes fascinate me and my 2015 Forecasts are due next week for Oracle 20/20 Magazine. But my mind is on a lot of other things this month...
I did notice the 717 was smaller than 757

The new OLIVE OIL book-
Healing Powers Series
 at both book events
Here Come the Book Events and Travel. In January it will be full of novelty...I have a book event/signing at Barnes and Noble in Reno on the 3rd. Hopefully, that weekend will not be the time we get our storm of the year and the 50 mile drive will be easy. But then, the following week comes the next book signing in Seattle-Bellevue. And air travel is haunting me. True, the 6000 mile round trip from Reno to Quebec was basically a piece of cake--with little "rough air"--I may not get so lucky this time around. 

After all, the PNW is known for its rain and it could pour. Or not. I discovered I'm taking an Airbus320 which is okay...but I was a bit surprised looking at the itinerary and seeing that it's a 737 Boeing not a 757 Boeing that will take me from Salt Lake City to Seattle. That's it. There is no larger aircraft going to Washington to Reno. At least it's not a tiny regional plane like I endured back in 2006. Trying to put the flight out of mind and focus on Seattle...the Space Needle, hotel, book signing, and Pike's Place to the train that'll take me to Canada. 
Coffee and a vegetarian dish
will get me up high -- hopefully
no earthquakes will hit

Coffee is BIG in both Seattle and BC
Hello Coffee and Tea. Of course, coffee will keep me energized and feeling warm and fuzzy... 
Pre-Quebec brought out the kid in me during fall
I am a devout tea drinker and this part of my journey (research cometh) excites me as does revisiting the Vancouver Aquarium. I may or may not go on to Victoria. There might be enough in the big city to keep me smiling. And that brings me to missing my fur kids, once again.

Canada is a 2nd home to me
But, but, but last time around the dog duo was well taken care of. There got extra walks, brushing, ear cleaning, toys, and pampering. My sibling bonded with kitty. All was safe. All is good. One more month and once again I will head north and go across the Canadian border (via train this time). Bliss awaits.

Soon, it will be time to finalize the hotels I will book for BC--Seattle is done. A lot of modes of traveling--shuttle bus, cabs, airplanes, and a train... Still can't decide on the BC Ferry. True, a January jaunt to Victoria does seem romantic and adventurous but I've got to be 
realistic--a strong storm could be in the works and that just won't work for this California one...I'd be tripping on rogue waves to tsunami(s) due to the overdue Cascadia Subduction Zone making its move when I arrive. I think I'll pass and take my water fix via the rain, fishes, swimming (hotel), coffee and tea.

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