Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dog Pounds: A Weighty Issue

By Cal Orey

How much will my Aussie puppy weigh when he's all growed up?...

Yesterday, I took my 10-month-old Aussie Skyler to the vet to have his nails trimmed (I'd love to have a manicure!) and weighed in. He hit 40 pounds, give or take a pound. (The scale is quirky.) I sensed he would weigh in more than less. I can feel his dense weight and width; he's now larger than my leggy, solid and taller Brittany.

Male Aussies can weigh 50-65 pounds. My vet forecasted 50s when he came in for shots because his puppy paws were big. These days, I'm told we'll know the final weight when pup hits 1 1/2 years. So, why does it matter how much does the puppy weigh? Curiosity. It's a new herding breed for me. And I'm eager to see just how big my canine companion will size up. 

Actually, I used to be a sporting lab girl. My second yellow retriever weighed 75-80 pounds. In my 20s, I had a small Maltese (probably 25 pounds) and a black lab at 70 pounds. Three Brittanys in the course of 20 years--38-43 pounds (a weight that is nice, people say)--not too big and not too small, perfect like Goldilocks finding the suitable bed. 

Skyler's Father.
So why do I want Skye to be a big boy? He makes me feel protected both indoors and outdoors. When we hug each other his body feels strong. So, here I sit wondering,  "Will he be as large as his dad?" One breeder told me the father doesn't look huge. He did get his father's smile, amber-ish colored eyes, and white chest and handsome double dense coat.

Skyler was the only male amid his six sisters. I selected him, the pick of the litter.  I prefer calm male energy with an even temperament. And, to me, he looked like his blue merle mom. No, he didn't get the soulful ice blue eyes (I discovered this by the third month); but yesterday one vet tech insisted in the sunlight she saw blue-light brown. I see amber-green. The eye color does seem to depend to change in lighting.  I adore his human-like eyes whatever color they are...

This A.M. Skye's energy astounds me. He roughhouses with Simon, keeps me on the go--5:00 AM wake-up call but bedtime was earlier last night. He now sleeps in his "man cave" with the door open. All is quiet. 

Size does not matter.
Kitty Zen and puppy Skyler have an amazing cat-dog understanding and closeness that is fun to observe. Fearless cat, Aries, fearless dog, Sag. Two fire signs. Very compatible. Two animals that get each other. And the more Skyler grows it doesn't concern my Siamese. After all, he has proven he can hold his own. Size does not matter.  And it's adorable when Skye wraps his large paws around Zen.  Not to ignore the similar markings of the two companion animals.

Perhaps, I should take a cue from my laid-back feline. So he will weigh what he will weigh and his eye color will be what it will be. The essential thing is, he is a healthy, happy lively boy that brings happiness and balance to our lives each day. 
P.S. I wonder if he will weigh 50 pounds--almost half of me, a small but feisty dog woman with dog pounds on the brain.

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