Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sequel: Fall Has Sprung...I'm in Squirrel Mode!

By Cal Orey
Got my teeth cleaned on Monday. Brushing the pets' teeth, too.
Fall is my fave time of year--autumn babies are believed by some researchers to live longer, quality lives. In the sierra fall is flaunting its true colors. The aspens are golden, leaves are dropping, and the heater is kicking on with and without my help. I wonder if cooler October temps is a sign of a colder winter. The government Shutdown is affecting the informative NOAA website so I have to turn to my sixth sense and rain-sensitive Aussie for a weather forecast. My forecast is warm/cool, flooding in December, and snow, snow, snow early 2014. So, as I work on my swimming for the imminent ponding, here's my updated To Do Autumn List:
It's cold outdoors!

  • OUTDOORS STUFF: The firewood is in the back  covered with tarp, but not stacked as of yet. I'd rather go swimming this AM. Will put in garage when the weather clears up in a few days. I took a poll and the wood people told me I really don't have to have the chimney cleaned because I didn't use a cord of wood last fall/winter.  Pine needles? Check. They are in green bags and were hauled away yesterday. And the needles are off the rooftop.  The best clean up? Those mean Club Med type kids and big wayward dogs across the street have left and quietude is in the fall air.
  • THREADS FOR WARMTH: Received earthy colored sweats, jeans, and sweaters from Victoria.  What was she thinking? I got a long and lean sweater (love it) but it's too thin! Skinny jeans fit and will keep me skinny. Got light golden colored flannel sheets as a birthday present. Cozy, cozy, cozy. 
  • BRING FALL INSIDE: Pine cones...I am beating the squirrels. There are piles in pots on the deck and will bring some more indoors and place in baskets. After all, these are a signature of where I live. I don't remember so many pine cones on the ground but I like it--they're big, fat, and fresh. And throws. Still need to wash--the green and maroon ones. The aquarium heater is keeping my goldfish swimming. They are happy. I pray that we do not get a power outage like the 3 day blackout. Not fun. I always worry about my water-loving kindred spirits.
  • STAY WELL:'s not going to help me. My insurance is hiking my premiums (again). I pay late every month to make a statement. I haven't used it and I don't like paying so much when I use it so little. Why can't I get a larger rebate for staying healthy, poor, and wise? Definitely not getting the flu shot. Note to self: Stay clear of people. Going swimming before 8:00 AM...Bliss, the pool/hot tub are mine. Tourists are AWOL this time of year. It's a local's dream.

My Mediterranean-like heaven in autumn.
  • GET A MOVE ON: When I return home, I sense it's time to put up the storm windows (I took them out of the closets) for added warmth. And I will let the dogs, pup and senior, outdoors--and may let my young Aussie enjoy the treadmill before our afternoon walk. It is human heaven this time of year--less threat of big canines running loose. 
    These days, my lovestruck Aussie and I dance in the living room.
Working on the 2nd edition.
  • CLEAN PANTRY:  As I'm lost in Olive Oil Land (enjoying new oils arriving on my doorstep each week; will try and write up in my olive oil book), my kitchen pantry needs a clean-up ASAP. And, it's time to toss out some items that have expired and make it tidy but not as perfect as a Stepford wife would do it. So the 2nd edition of my olive oil book isn't due until the second week of January. That means I have time for enjoying olive oil from head to toe...Ah, and flavored coffee is en route from one of my favorite java suppliers! I vow to use the grinder (again) and love my coffee mornings. 
    My book The Healing Powers of Coffee was featured in Woman's World-last year's fall issue.
  • BAKING/COOKING. Today, for both the book and cooking column I pen weekly, I'll do a stir-fry with plenty of seasonal veggies and bake an apple pie with a special creative touch. The scent of fruit and cinnamon in the house will give me incentive to clean the fireplace--a place I will make my first fall fire, most likely within a week or two. So, as I enjoy the cues of the Mother Nature's finest season, it's time to get out of the toasty waterbed, and go swimming. Savoring warm and cooler weather morning and night is getting the best of both worlds. Fall has sprung and I'm loving it! 

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