Saturday, October 19, 2013

Falling into Fall, Naturally

Fall Flower Power
By Cal Orey
Autumn is here and I'm feeling it... In the early morning I've been treating myself to Pumpkin Spice Coffee. On Wednesday I spent part of the afternoon making a semi-homemade Sweet Potato Pie. And, nesting (organizing my abode with warming things, like comforters and pillows to herbal teas) for colder days ahead. The cob webs on the high ceilings and fireplace are calling out my name, "CAL! Clean me!" But I've tuned it out for a bit longer.

Dog Day Afternoons: Yesterday, took the Type-A canine duo for a long walk. First to our fave spot amid pine trees and logs (allowing young and fun-loving Skyler to jump over one after another for a makeshift agility course; senior Simon keeps up). Once both dogs are smiling it was back in the car for a longish autumn drive to savor the sweet season, with the heart of an autumn child.

Got bangs trimmed, fall spells long, straight blundt bangs

Pumpkin Spice Coffee is here!
Destination: Hope Valley in the sierra. This time around, the aspens were golden, more than at Lake Tahoe but not as vibrant as few years ago when going to a book signing at San Francisco. Maybe I missed the reds, oranges, light gold leaves of fall? Still, it was Mother Nature at her best. Calming to mind and spirit.

Hot Tub and Tourists: Once the dogs had their fun, it was time to let them chill and hit a resort pool/hot tub. Thanks to the warmer temps (as I predicted) tourists were too plentiful at "my" oasis. Note to self: Only swim early AMs, starting next week--7:00 AM.  I've grown to love serene water, not choppy with voices of chatter or chlorine overload.  But, the little orange pumpkin candies and chocolates in the womens' spa area made me smile and were a sure-fire reminder that fall has sprung.  
Keeping my swims to early AM

Autumn Edibles: After the semi-treat, I hit the gift shop and picked up a copy of Friday's Tahoe Daily Tribune. My latest dish--Sweet Potato Pie--was featured on the cover and that made me feel warm and fuzzy. This awesome autumn pie took a while to make and make it smooth as silk but it was worth the extra effort. It was so rich (I used butter, lemon olive oil and half and half) that it made its way to the freezer or I would have devoured the whole thing... I also whipped up a Mediterranean pasta dish (for the OLIVE OIL book I'm revamping) and the colors of vegetables reminded me of the season.

Harvest season for honey...Need to recycle pantry
Indian Summer: Due to the warmer than cooler season, the firewood remains in the backyard under tarp waiting to be stacked and put into the garage. The storm windows are up! The mornings are in the 20s and afternoons nearing 70s. Twenty-five miles to Carson City we're talking 70s and folks are clad in T-shirts and shorts. Weird? Not really. It's the sierras! Anything goes when it comes to weather year-round.

Weekend at Lake Tahoe: Because of the warm-ish days climate (as was the case in the San Francisco Bay Area back in the fall of 1989 when the major quake shook our Golden State) tourists are here in the mountains. When you live in a resort town you learn how to dodge tourists and find hot spots where they don't know about to go and enjoy solitude local-style. 

The Full Moon in Aries: Last night the phone was busy with clients calling me, the "energizing, calming intuitive"to read them as emotions were out of sync. I received my charts for 2014 to help me help them. Funny how lunar cycles affect people, pets, and even trigger earthquakes around the world. Update: A 6.5 hit the Gulf of California forecasted by me but more south. Still, I saw water, West Coast, this time--and it could be a foreshock and/or migrate north to Southern California. Or not.

My Autumn Weather Forecast: Neighbors are asking me, "Callie, what's the forecast for upcoming weeks?" I smile at their belief in my predictions and dart: "Warm/Cold, Warm/Cold...Flooding in December, most likely for Tahoe-Reno and California. The snow will arrive late in Jan/Feb and more than I want. Read: Shoveling. Note to self: But that's winter here in the mountains.

Staying Cold-Flu Free: But now, I'll enjoy the days of fab fall. I'm going to bake mini butterball cookies to pair with teas and coffees and eat more fruit, vegetables, and nuts to stay skinny and healthy. No flu shot for me. Boosting the immune system with plenty of nutrient-dense foods, getting a move on, staying clear of humanoids, and getting shut-eye are natural.

This is my fave writer pose...Getting ready to input prose to The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, Revised and Updated

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