Saturday, October 12, 2013

Letting Go Hurts

By Cal Orey"
Loss hurts but strengthens 

... what we have enjoyed, we can never lose ...
 all that we love deeply becomes a part of us." ~Helen Keller

A gift  for me last December was born
 after losing a beloved canine companion, named Seth,

 a fallen angel  from "City of Angels"

Today, I awake to news about a cyclone in India and strong earthquake in Greece--natural disasters that come with great loss. As a grownup woman, an author-intuitive who takes calls to hear men and women talk about change--all types--you'd think I'd have mastered the art of letting go of precious things, good experiences, great jobs, and loved ones. But the real deal is--each time we face a loss--letting go hurts...

It doesn't matter, whether it be a parent, lover, dog, cat, fish--or anyone close to you. All of God's creatures that have crossed your path and left make an imprint on your soul.  
 Oct. 12, 2012 Seth fell, lost all balance-
it was like a great earthquake to me...foreshadow
to the angels taking him

As an intuitive, I often read for people who are going through loss and it brings out all sorts of emotions: shock, bargaining, sadness, anger, denial, and acceptance. I listen. I try to be in the moment of how they're feeling--because I've been there, too. It's part of life. I'm not judgmental. I offer insight, tap into the energy of the spirit in question, whether it is on Earth or in the hereafter. It doesn't matter because either way when there is separation--it hurts.

This morning a caller reminded me of my past muse Kerouac
My Brittany duo loved each other
Separated from a Canine Companion
After Seth passed, Simon was on double duty comforting me and feeling the void of an empty home. Yes, dogs have emotions. My cat Zen sensed something was off and offered comfort and quietude.  But, I picked up the pieces of broken hearts and went on a mission to find a healing canine...

Almost one year later, despite the painful memories of end days, finding a delicate balance can happen again.  But letting go is difficult on unforgettable days, like this. It's uncanny, but today, October 12 was my parents' anniversary. And it was my father who taught me about dogs, and that letting go hurts.

Life goes on...

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