Friday, May 27, 2022

Superfoods Summer Cleaning -- Keep It Green and Scent-sational!

  By Cal Orey

Keep It Green with Summer is in the air. Instead of using toxic cleaners you can get your home spotless using eco-friendly superfood-rich formulas. Not only are superfoods delicious, they’re versatile—plus these farm-to-table favorites can work to help lighten up. 
It’s the season to change it up indoors. By rearranging space arrangement, you can enhance the flow of energy, and enjoy harmony with the environment. Many goals of using and arranging fruits, vegetables, and nuts in the house which may bring you a more peaceful living space and better well-being.
Superfoods are super but sometimes they end up in places that we don’t want them to be or they can be used to rid of other foods that need to go. Here, take a look.

SIX Eco-Friendly Household Hints
1. Lemon for unwanted stains:  Superfruit lemons boast antiseptic and anti-bacterial healing powers, especially when it comes to zapping stains. Both lemon juice and peels can act like bleach (but more gentle) and rid of food spots on carpets to clothing.
2.Water for Gum on furniture or carpet: It happens. If chewing gum gets stuck in hair H20 comes to the rescue. Simply apply an ice cube (put it in a plastic bag) to affected region. Freeze the gum. Repeat as needed.
3.Peanut Butter for Gum on Pet or Human Hair: If water doesn’t do the trick, peanut butter (yes!) might work. Let a bit of the butter soak into the hair, remove with a cloth, wash, and rinse.
4. Use citrus cleaners: By putting to work cleaning agents with citrus essential oil it will provide a lingering, clean scent but also its eco-green and will give you better health and energy than using cleaning products with toxic ingredients.
5.Scent it up, naturally: A simmering potpourri can provide a wonderful aroma in your home. Try combining superfoods, including 3 cups water and 2 lemons and 1 apple with peels. Place them in a pot. Add spices, such as cinnamon and vanilla. Heat to a boil and then turn down the heat to a simmer for 20 minutes. Your kitchen will smell sublime any season of the year.
6. Put out the drinking water-fruit container:  At spas and dentist offices it’s not uncommon to see a large container of water filled with slices of citrus. I love doing this in the summer but it can be used year-round to help you and yours to remember to stay hydrated.

Adapted from The Healing Powers of Superfoods (Citadel, 2019). All rights reserved. Available at all online bookstores.

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