Friday, May 6, 2022

If You Liked "Interstellar"--You'll Love The Evolutionary Cosmos!

 By Cal Orey

DISCOVER THE NEW WAY OF THINKING ABOUT OUR UNIVERSE! Intriguing facts that’ll surprise you . . . Did you know? • Some scientists admit that they haven’t made any major progress about how our Universe works for over 50 years. • It takes a novel approach to explain gravity as a physical phenomenon. • Take the journey into one- and two-dimensional realms of magnetism that lead to our three-dimensional world. • Find out how eddy currents are the reasons behind cryovolcanoes on the minor planet Ceres to solar flares on the Sun. • Get informed about Earth-threatening coronal mass ejections to global dust storms on Mars. 

This book provides a reader-friendly understanding of Einstein’s theory of time dilation to Darwin’s theory, past and present-day. Enjoy close encounters of how these interesting topics—and more!—come from outside-in thinking using existing new science data and logical thinking. Written from the perspective of a science enthusiast and progressive thinker, flanked by a veteran Earth-changes science writer, this book is one of a kind. A fascinating read, and cutting-edge findings make this gem a page-turner. Included are insightful theories to down-to-earth interesting anecdotes, along with must-have tools for you to find out more about Outer space. A candid and witty must-read. The Evolutionary Cosmos deserves two thumbs up for dishing out fresh ideas about the ever-changing Universe. This is a timeless gift book for anyone (of any age).

About the Authors

RICHARD M. WESTBERG is a science devotee and forward thinker. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Long Beach State College. After high school, he became interested in physics, and since then has perfected his self-taught passion for astronomy and space sciences. He learned how to repair TVs and have a handle on radio communication, and is a Carl Sagan enthusiast. A native of Southern California, he resides in Arizona.

CAL OREY is a best-selling author-journalist. She has a master’s degree in English from San Francisco State University. Her books include the hugely popular Healing Powers book series (containing scientific studies). She penned The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes, writes a monthly Earth Changes column for Oracle 20/20 Magazine, and is a frequent News Segment Earth-changes radio guest on “Coast to Coast AM.” She is a native Californian.

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