Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Healing Powers Series Author Working on Book #7

By Cal Orey

Today, mid-August at Lake Tahoe I'm busy in research mode for my new big book project. 

During this part of writing a book is familiar. It's like aliens are now moving into my brain and settling in. Ideas from nowhere come and find nooks and crannies in my mind. It's okay. Been there, done that. And here it goes again...

Actually, it's kind of exciting. Stories, decades, people, and food adventures in my life come back and visit me. It's sort of like taking a vacation. I suppose I'm a bit distracted when I talk to people in real life because I'm somewhere else. It is a challenge, though, despite the thrill of it all.
At least three times during the week swimming with a hot tub treat in the morning keeps me balanced. And I am elated because Tahoe is quiet, the kids are back in school, and the vacation homeowners are gone. It is bliss so I can think. In fact, it's so serene I'm tuning into the rabbits and squirrels--we are feeling the transition in the air from the hot summer to cooler days of fall--my favorite season.

This time around, I booked a flight for January (the month The Healing Powers of Tea is released) for a book signing at the Bellevue, Washington Barnes and Noble bookstore. I'm going back to Seattle--my second home. It will be a treat for the New Year, provide a few adventures for the new book in progress, and give me a bit of regrouping to come back home for the final stretch. 
So, here's to TEA, the new surprise book--it's full of fresh food stuff that I forgot I knew but practice, and sweet autumn is in the works. It doesn't get better than this...Well come January I may beg to differ.

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