Sunday, August 27, 2017

Author-Intuitive Predicted TX "Katrina-Like" Hurricane

Tornadoes and Hurricanes

(Harvey Similar to Katrina?)

Lack of snow or too much rain can cause problems just as twisters can do. This year tornadoes may hit in places like California to other odd regions on the West Coast—it’s no longer just a Midwest phenomenon. While 2016 experienced chilling hurricanes, 2017 may see more of the same. 

Another Katrina-type of event may happen in the Southeast, including Texas, Louisiana, and Florida during hurricane season.

The Gulf States and the Atlantic seaboard up north to New York and Maine are potential targets (not to forget the West Coast near Southern California to the Baja)). These states in particular may be facing fierce hurricanes with fierce water surges and levee challenges.

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By Cal Orey Earth Changes column
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