Saturday, October 29, 2016

Goodbye Simon & Seth, My Heart and Soul Are Still with You Two

The Hottest Immune Boosters for Autumn Colds

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Italian Wedding Soup recipe in Vinegar, 3 book of Healing Power Series

Revised and Updated:

'Tis the season for changing tree colors, changing temperatures, and ah-choo! colds and flus. It happened. I recall working like a worker bee on proofing my forthcoming book, The Healing Powers of Honey (Kensington, October 2011)...and new editions for olive oil and vinegar happened as did the coffee and tea books which followed.
After working on book projects, sort of like grad school days, I get a surge of physical energy. This time, without a pool--not so much. In fact, I recall during my Woman's World magazine columnist days, that I penned an article about boosting the immune system in the fall to stave off a cold or flu and what foods can help you to do just that. Naturally, nutrient-rich edibles, right? 
And this time around, late October after a roller coaster week, instead of sitting in bed (with my two cuddly canines--Simon and Seth whom have passed; I am with Zen my kitty and Skye the Aussie). Drinking water--lots of bottled water...And did I mention all-natural orange juice? The resort pool is down for one month and I've got a terrible case of cabin fever.  But yesterday I went to the treadmill; today raked pine needles, and cleaned the deck from the last storm amid another one brewing.

Worse, I was ordered by the powers above to lose my pricey and precious leather love seat and matching chair I placed on the deck to give it a Mediterranean appeal. It was reddish brown on a brown freshly painted deck. Golden throws for a cozy look (my senior Brittany's favorite). It doesn't get better. Both my Brittanys, Simon and Seth cuddled with me and each other on those pieces of furniture for 12 years. So sad, I came down with a case of love sickness.  I feel aches, depressed, and a sore throat that comes and goes. When the men hauled away the furniture with a sentimental flair, it felt like they were taking away a big chunk of my life, part of my love connection with my fur kids. It's all gone. The deck is now sterile with the beginnings of a HOA wannabe look to it.

Ironically, beach umbrellas decorated with white lights, flood lights, RVs, boats, plastic patio furniture, multiple car doors slamming day and night, tents outside in backyards during the summer, dogs off leash, hot tub sounds from dawn to late, bar-b-que smoke filling the air days after our wildfires, and weathered fences dot the setting of Old Tahoe-style homes in my neighborhood. Dazed and confused. Was my antique furniture out of place? Of course I'll get over the loss (again) and deal with the bare deck (a few wooden benches and black iron bistro chairs remain for now) but the principle of stripping the cozy bohemian vibe just seems unjust. But I will survive.

Pampering time is in order since I was rudely reminded of loss and change. That means movies, movies, and movies.  Hot chicken vegetable noodle soup, more orange juice, water, tea, honey,  and my healthy critters. (Are they next to go? I'm feeling vulnerable and fear the unknown.) For tonight, we're safe. Live in the moment. I am right where I am supposed to be. These are my favorite fall immune boosters for getting well faster.

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