Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Thoughts from the Healing Powers Series Author

By Cal Orey

Here I sit in the cozy waterbed with the kitty... Thinking about things, past, present, and future.
Reno Barnes and Noble

Just finished talking with a friend about the Anchorage, Alaska Barnes and Noble signing that crashed because of the "hurricane-force" winds and Bering Sea storm. Yes, I'm still sad but...when a tour guide guy named "Lake" told me I was the only one booked on the nature tour (on the flooded road) and said: "It's all good" but rare wind shear at 50 knots to smaller aircraft replacing big aircraft spooked me. I just couldn't go forward after images of being grounded in Salt Lake City or circling SeaTac for hours played out in my mind. These severe weather were signs from Mother Nature for me to cancel and put the flight funds into a safe box for another book-related trip, whether it's a convention, research or...another affair with Canada--Victoria is calling my name.
Aussie gets pampered on the 20th

Tomorrow it's off to Reno, Nevada for a book signing linking to the new release of VINEGAR, third edition. I'm not sure what to expect. These signings can be big turn outs to one-on-one talks, "Did you get your vinegar book?" I've had the pleasure to experience both. It is what it is. I will bring gift bags, leave the Aussie at home (bath time for my prince), and simply go with the flow. Actually, Reno to me means the airport but Thursday it will just be a day trip. And I did invite a guest from WeOlive.
WA Barnes and Noble, this man purchased the entire
book series for his wife--an English professor
Mission to show vinegar is versatile in
cooking and baking--not just for
Easter eggs and salads!
Yesterday, I took the plunge. The only resort pool locals are allowed to swim in? It's down for one month. So, I went to another swimming place. Not fun.  The humidity and mold on the "bubble" were pesky reminders that this swimming pool needs help. But I did get my "endolphin" high. It was kind of like choosing between Trump and Clinton. (No, I will not go there. I wish for a power outage tonight. But it most likely will not happen. Our storm has passed.)

So, it's off to the hot tub and steam (this is still in working order), walking the pooch, and doing whatever needs to be done today before the 100 mile trip that isn't what the Alaska adventure promised. But then we don't always get what we want, do we... But yeah, we are right where we are supposed to be, as balanced people say. I believe it.

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