Thursday, October 6, 2016

It's the Healing Powers Series' Author's B-Day

By Cal Orey
Autumn Coffee & Tea Convention 2015

It feels strange to be relaxing at home on my birthday. The last few years I was traveling on the road to Quebec--Montreal and Quebec City, Seattle, and British Columbia. This time around, I am cozy and warm in Tahoe with my family--two and four leggers. And it feels right...

TEA book scheduled, HONEY book slated for  gift size--
I savor both and market the Healing Powers Series
After all, we have a hurricane or two brewing down in Florida and to hit the Atlantic Seaboard. No surprise. I did forecast this would happen in 2016...but when it did begin it made me think: "Wow. And I almost booked a B-Day trip to Savannah Georgia!" After the "hurricane-force" Bering Sea storm threatened my Alaska trip for a Barnes and Noble book signing and nature tour (flooded Turnagain winding road), I thought a nice, warm place with Southern hospitality would be a treat. But I tuned into my sixth sense and just kept the funds with the airline for a future adventure. And I'm glad I did follow my instincts but am on edge because of the people who are in prepare and wait mode. I can feel their fear of the unknown after evacuating Angora Fire and surviving the Loma Prieta 7.1 monster quake.
* * *
Last night I made a cameo appearance on Coast to Coast AM. My job? I was to dish on the Salton Sea earthquake swarm. Will it fizzle or sizzle? I gave analogies, channeled the late geologist Jim Berkland, and gave my prediction. Sixty percent we may see a significant earthquake in SoCal this month. And we fear the worst, like the East Coast, but hope for the best. As the late geologist taught me: Don't be scared, be prepared. We cannot control quakes but we can be ready so we're not 100 percent blindsided when the Earth moves.

Content to be home with my beloved Aussie

A treat and back to vegan diet
to lose 3 pesky lbs.
With so much chaos going on in the world--like the 2012 film- it is nice to be indoors in my womb with my companion animals, a safe place. While adventures to the Pacific Northwest, Deep South, and Canada  as well as Las Vegas for a tea convention next spring, are on my mind it isn't the right timing. These regions will wait. I will go when it is time to go.So here I sit cuddled and cross-legged with my blue-eyed, laid-back cat Zen; got puppy's nails trimmed and a tangle or two cut so he looks handsome. I shared a veggie pizza with the sibling and am enjoying a moviefest (fielding a few psychic calls for the feel-good vibes of being a healer). I anticipate a book reading/signing in Reno, Nevada on October 20.  And,  my editor wants me to write an article on hurricanes for the November issue of Oracle 20/20 magazine. (I did go to  Hawaii after Iniki  hit and will never forget the grueling stories locals shared, from trapped dogs in a flash flood and losing loved ones in the turbulent water). 

And this is how it's done...Rest and relaxation on your birthday when you're a genuine Type-A author-intuitive.  Not to forget yesterday at the beach with the Aussie was good. And to be honest with you, traveling is awesome but homesickness comes with it each and every time I leave on a jet plane. This year I am right where I'm supposed to be. 
P.S. Nearly 300 birthday wishes on Facebook. Amazing. Note to self: Thank everyone and read tomorrow.  Love and light. Blessings to all of us who are being challenged today and this week.

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